Black Panther Production Designer Reveals Blade Runner Inspiration

Blade Runner Black Panther

Hannah Beachler, the production designer of Black Panther reveals that she definitely drew inspiration from Ridley Scott's cult classic, Blade Runner. Set to hit cinemas early next year, Black Panther will be the 18th film to be released under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. The film has drawn interest since day one, despite it not being based on one of the more popular Marvel comics. For starters, it would be the first comic book movie with a black actor as the lead on the big screen, in the post-Batman Begins era. Apart from that, Black Panther is helmed by acclaimed director Ryan Coogler, who made films like Fruitvale Station and the more notable Creed.

Since the Black Panther teaser trailer dropped a few months ago, people have been singing praises about the production design, as well. Seeing as how Wakanda is a fictional location, it could have looked like anything from our wildest imaginations. But nobody expected it to look as gorgeous as it turned out to be in the teaser trailer. Futuristic yet culturally heavy, Wakanda is every traveler's dreams brought to life. And, we have Beachler largely to thank for that. On Twitter, a fan asked Beachler if she drew inspiration from Blade Runner when conceptualizing Wakanda, she responded in the affirmative.

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It isn't just Beachler who was inspired by Ridley Scott's cult classic, though. While the theatrical version of Blade Runner came and went without much fanfare in 1982, over the years the film has become a must-study film for many aspiring and established filmmakers. From Luc Besson's The Fifth Element, Paul W. S. Anderson's Soldier, Wachowski's The Matrix all the way to Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell, were all inspired by Blade Runner, particularly the way Scott, his production designer Lawrence G. Paull and cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth crafted a city that felt both surreal, yet realistic and lived-in at the same time.

Yes, I was definitely inspired by the original Blade Runner.

— Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970) October 3, 2017

Early reviews have suggested that Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) has taken it one step further with Blade Runner 2049 that will be hitting theaters in a couple of days. Beachler also further elaborated that while Blade Runner inspired her in terms of how forward-thinking the city is in terms of tech, as well as texture and tone, other movies inspired her as well, such as the documentary Samsara.

As for Black Panther, fans are now sitting tight and eagerly awaiting the full-length trailer. Usually, early teaser trailers come with unfinished CGI. If this is true about the Black Panther teaser as well, then one can only imagine how great Wakanda will look in the full-length trailer. While there is no official announcement yet on when the trailer will be released, one can assume that it might drop in conjunction with the release of Thor: Ragnarok.

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Source: Hannah Beachler

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