Marvel's Black Panther Gets a Shiny New IMAX Poster

Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa in Black Panther

A new IMAX poster for Marvel's Black Panther offers an artistic view of the movie's cast. The poster also depicts a rising sun, passing over the mountains of Wakanda onto a futuristic city - most likely the Wakanda capital city of Birnin Zana.

Marvel's Black Panther is already on its way to becoming the latest critical and commercial success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The early reactions from those fans lucky enough to have attended a preview screening of the film have been almost universally positive, as are the first batch of reviews from professional critics. Marvel's Black Panther is also breaking superhero movie tickets pre-sale records and is expected to make over 400 million dollars in the United States alone.

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The poster was revealed to the world on Chadwick Boseman's Twitter account (see the image below). The actor, who first played the role of T'Challa in Captain America: Civil Waris headlining the all-star cast of this new film.

The likenesses of the cast are quite good, as is the depiction of the Black Panther armor. The use of light in the poster's coloration is particularly effective, with long shadows being cast over the characters relative to their position to the sun in the landscape portrait of Wakanda underneath them. The depiction of a rising sun over Wakanda is a powerful symbolic image, given that part of the film's plot will focus on T'Challa's difficulty in assuming the throne of Wakanda in the wake of his father's recent death. This symbolizes a new day dawning for the nation and is also a literal pun on the phrase "rising sun/son."

While the poster presents a striking image, it hardly seems that Marvel's Black Panther needs any further artistic promotion this late in the game. The movie's media blitz leading into the final weeks before the film's release have been impressive and indeed overwhelming. Already there is talk of spin-off films outside of the already planned Black Panther sequels, with some fans even wondering if T'Challa's sister Shuri (played by actress Letitia Wright) will go on to rule Wakanda while her brother deals with world-level emergencies as an Avenger - or if she might take up the Black Panther title herself as she did in the comics. Regardless of what happens, it seems that a good and prosperous future awaits Black Panther.

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