Learn the History of the Black Panther Family Line

Get caught up on the Royal Family of Wakanda and their court with a new Black Panther movie/comics video. Next week, Marvel's first film of 2018 will arrive and Black Panther is already poised to be a massive hit. Black Panther broke another Fandango record for ticket pre-sales, confirming how excited people are to see the movie opening weekend. As it stands, the new MCU entry could earn upwards of $150 million over Presidents Day weekend, and it's earned nearly universal acclaim from critics and those fans who have seen the film early.

The initial consensus is that Black Panther is not only an action-packed piece of entertainment, but a film with plenty of cultural and political weight. Much of that comes from the representation the film offers, but Black Panther is also unique in exploring the ruler of a kingdom versus a vigilante superhero. As such, there's a tinge of Game of Thrones that should offer plenty of intrigue and suspense. It also means Black Panther is a film with a vast ensemble of characters who each have a long history that not everyone will be familiar with.

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Marvel Entertainment released a new video today, offering fans a quick overview of T'Challa's family tree. Starting with Bashenga, the first Black Panther and king of Wakanda, the video skips to T'Challa's grandfather, who fought alongside Captain America during World War II to stop an invasion by Hydra. From there, it explores the modern royal court and spotlights some of the key players in the actual Black Panther movie. Take a look, below.

Along with the familiar faces who will be soon joining the MCU, the video also spotlights of few deeper cuts of Marvel lore. We learn about T'Challa's half-sister Jakaara and his adopted brother Hunter. It doesn't appear as though they appear in Black Panther, but there may be nods to T'Challa's other siblings in the movie. The Thor franchise has added and removed family members of the God of Thunder, so there's no reason Black Panther won't follow suit.

We also meet more of the Dora Milaje alongside Nakia, Okoye, Ayo, who will all be in the movie. It's possible they will be joined less prominently by Nareema, Teela, and Aneka, but we've heard the relationship between the latter character and Ayo won't get highlighted. Hopefully, it will be set up for the sequel, however, as the rise of the Midnight Angels is a fascinating part of modern Wakandan history.

Though most Marvel films are guaranteed a sequel, the positive reception for Black Panther suggests its future as a franchise is secure. In fact, the film just received quite the honor as Black Panther was on the cover of TIME magazine. It's a testament not only to the quality of the film but its cultural impact, and we're sure to see more of Black Panther's legacy and lineage explored soon.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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