Black Panther Concept Art Gives Okoye New Armor

Warning: Black Panther spoilers ahead.


With Ryan Coogler's Black Panther movie clawing away at the box office, concert art has emerged revealing alternate costume and armor designs for Danai Gurira's character Okoye.

While much of Black Panther focused on Chadwick Boseman's lead, the sympathetic Erik Killmonger, and the sneering Ulysses Klaue, the women of the ensemble certainly get their time to shine. Alongside Lupita Nyong'o's love interest Nakia and Letitia Wright's spunky Shuri, The Walking Dead star Gurira swapped her katana for a spear as the lead of Wakanda's Dora Milaje. Okoye's outfit may not have been as elaborate as some of the other characters, but that didn't stop early concept art from giving fans an even formidable version of the warrior woman.

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Shared by ComicBookMovie, there are several designs for Okoye in a more warrior-esque costume away from her shaved head and red robes. The Wakandan general apparently went through several costume designs, with one piece of concept art showing her sporting an electrified version of her signature spear. Given how important Okoye was during the Busan chase sequence with Klaue, it is easy to imagine her using the concept art spear in battle. A second design shows her with even more of a sci-fi get-up, sporting her own Black Panther-esque mask and her very own eagle on her arm. Click on the above link to check out the art for yourselves!

Okoye Black Panther

It is unclear why Coogler and the costume department went with a more subdued Okoye, but it may have been so as not to take the shine off Boseman. Even with a relatively plain costume, Okoye still came out as one of the most interesting and in-depth characters of the movie. From her swaying loyalty to T'Challa/the Wakandan Throne to her own battle with Daniel Kaluuya's W'Kabi, Okoye ended on a high while back at Black Panther's side. Also, continuing in the vein of the no-nonsense Michonne in AMC's The Walking Dead, Gurira showed that she is not a woman to be messed with as a highly-skilled actress.

The Black Panther mid-credits scene certainly teased a return for Okoye as she proudly stood with T'Challa at the UN, but who knows what happens next? Black Panther is almost certainly guaranteed a sequel, and if Okoye survives the events of Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps these concept art designs could come into play. Okoye is already a badass on the big screen, but just imagine what she would be like with the talons of an eagle by her side!

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Source: ComicBookMovie

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