Black Panther Team Explains His Comics History & MCU Debut

The Black Panther movie team - including, producer/Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and star Chadiwck Boseman - detail Black Panther's comics history and MCU debut in a new featurette that included never before seen behind-the-scenes footage. Audiences met Boseman's superhero in Captain America: Civil War, when T'Challa first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fast forward to now, and there's just over a month left before the Black Panther solo movie hits theaters, meaning the film's marketing campaign is kicking into high gear now.

Case in point, it was recently announced that Black Panther is getting its own jewelry line, as well as one more big sneak peek/trailer before the film premieres in theaters. The movie has already gotten a good deal of press, but only stands to benefit from further promotion, especially since Black Panther himself is still relatively lesser-known among Marvel superheroes. Before the movie arrives, those involved creatively have decided to give a brief rundown on T'Challa's comic book history, for the uninitiated.

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EW has released a new video for Black Panther to get fans more excited for Marvel's next film. The featurette includes soundbites from Marvel Studios chief and Black Panther producer Kevin Feige, Black Panther co-writer/director Ryan Coogler, star Chadwick Boseman, and the Black Panther character's co-creator Stan Lee. Included in the video are several new behind the scenes shots from various points in the movie. You can watch said clip in the space above.

Black Panther first appeared in the comics in 1966 in Fantastic Four #52, but since became one of Marvel's biggest and most important characters. His MCU debut in Civil War two years ago only scratched the surface of what he brings to the table, and it looks like Black Panther will fully expand upon his mythos. All of the behind the scenes footage in this new video look to be from scenes that have already been partly revealed in the film's trailers and TV spots. However, while they aren't very revealing, they do provide a bit more context for some of these scenes (including, the big Wakanda battle featuring T'Challa).

In case there was ever any doubt, Black Panther has been named the most anticipated superhero of 2018 and his movie ranks very high on Screen Rant's most anticipated 2018 list. Everyone is expecting Boseman and Coogler to deliver something special here, though Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger could be what truly elevates the film. Jordan has been teasing the intense nature of the role, saying he was influenced by Heath Ledger's Joker. That is a tough bar to clear, but if Jordan even comes close, it will only help Black Panther. Mix in the inclusive and talented cast with the introduction to Wakanda and great action, and Black Panther should have everything it needs to hit it big next month.

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Source: EW

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