Which Characters Are in the Black Panther Trailer

Fans have been anticipating the arrival of Black Panther in theaters for years. After it was finally announced, Marvelites were given even more exciting news when Chadwick Boseman (Get On Up) was selected as the future movie's star, along with plans for the Black Panther to debut in Captain America: Civil War. And with the premiere of the film last year, one of Marvel’s most iconic characters was finally brought to life.

Of course, even the captivating action scenes and character moments we saw in Civil War were only a taste. Though Black Panther was put towards the tail end of the MCU’s Phase 3, its time is almost upon us. As such, anticipation has been high - even more so since Marvel gave fans a first look at Black Panther with last week’s teaser.

Sweeping the Internet by storm, the short clip provided our first look good look at Wakanda and its many residents. It also gave us a rough idea of the story and showed that the film will be a blockbuster unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But with so many new faces and images flashed before our eyes in the short clip, it can be hard to know what exactly is going on. For the full rundown, check out our recent teaser breakdown. In the meantime, let’s dive into the comic book history of the characters in the Black Panther trailer.

Ulysses Klaue - Klaw

The trailer opens from an outsider's perspective, showing Ulysses Klaue bound in chains and turning the tables on his interrogator. Andy Serkis first appeared as the arms dealer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he specialized in Vibranium smuggling. In a bit of Old World justice, however, the thief lost his hand during one of Ultron’s temper tantrums, teeing up his core comic book attribute.

Klaue first appeared in 1966’s Fantastic Four #56, the same title that birthed the Black Panther and Wakanda. In the books, he’s the son of a Nazi and is sent to infiltrate the secretive nation of Wakanda to learn their technological secrets. He eventually begins studying physics and masters the field of sound, dubbing himself Klaw and mounting a sonic cannon on his arm.

The movie looks to be altering his backstory a bit, making him more of a rogue than a genius. Still, his severed limb seems the perfect place for a piece of advanced Wakandan tech to be mounted after he’s freed from the interrogation room.

Everett K. Ross

The man interrogating Klaue is Everett K. Ross, first appearing in last year’s Civil War and on our list of characters we hoped to see in the new film. In the MCU, he’s the acerbic head of the Joint Counterterrorism Center. It’s in this role that he first encounters T’Challa, setting Ross on a path that will reveal the wonders of Wakanda.

In the comics, he debuted in 1998’s Ka-Zar #17 as an employee of the U.S. State Department. Eventually, creator Christopher Priest pulled Ross into his run on Black Panther, providing the U.S. and Wakandan governments with a liaison. In the MCU, Martin Freeman looks like he’ll be serving a similar role as Ross in the comics, though with a somewhat more militaristic bent.

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