Alternate Black Panther MCU Costume Looks Like Crysis Nanosuit

King T'Challa of Wakanda, the Black Panther

A new alternate take on the Black Panther costume offers a more alien and organic look for T'Challa. While every Marvel movie is met with a high level of anticipation before its release, Black Panther may just be the superhero film audiences are most excited for. From its unique locale to its diverse cast to its mix of spiritual and technological elements, the movie will be a blockbuster unlike anything we've previously seen. And since the release of the first trailer for the new film, that anticipation has only been amplified.

The trailer is currently one of the most viewed of all-time, with even the stars of the movie geeking out over it. While not revealing too much about the movie, it offers us our first real glimpse of Wakanda and the many intriguing characters that inhabit it. It also provides fans with a chance to see T'Challa in action again as the Black Panther following his many scene-stealing moments in Captain America: Civil War. Not only did the movie introduce us to the king-in-training, but it finally brought the popular character to life, complete with his impressive Vibranium suit. And while the final version was a worthy update on the source material, it wasn't the only approach Marvel tried.

Marvel concept artist Andy Park took to Twitter to share one of his early takes on the costume used for Black Panther in Civil War. While keeping many of the elements from the comics and looking similar to the final version of the suit seen in the movie, it still has a number of key differences. Check it out:

This is an early alternate concept design of #BlackPanther I painted up on #CaptainAmericaCivilWar @chadwickboseman

— Andy Park (@andyparkart) June 15, 2017

The most noticeable changes are the lack of T'Challa's signature necklace and the absence of the silver accents in the final version of the suit. Instead, we have something that looks much less ornamental and more imposing as a result. That effect is also amplified by the more organic design, with the layers and intricacies of the suit resembling muscles and tendons. There's even a similarity to the Xenomorph design from the Alien franchise or the Nanosuit from the Crysis game.

While the costume certainly looks fearsome, T'Challa's role as a ruler and protector means he needs a suit that has a little more flash and a little less menace. And though a more brutal take on the character could have certainly worn this costume, the final product is more in line with the T'Challa we know and love.

What's also interesting about this suit is how strikingly similar it is to another piece of concept art we saw last year. That suit kept the necklace, but it also favored the more sinewy take on the suit. Likely, all that detail would have been too difficult to pull off, which is why the final version is a bit more streamlined.

With Black Panther coming early next year, expect more behind-the-scenes looks at the character and film to come.

Source: Andy Park

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