Black Panther Villain Wants to Expose Wakanda's 'Hypocrisy'

When Ulysses Klaue returns to the MCU in Black Panther, he'll be out for vengeance against Wakanda. After the first teaser for Black Panther swept the Internet, anticipation has been high for a deeper dive into the world of the film. Today, Marvel released the new trailer for Black Panther and it's packed full of action and mystery. It's also clear that T'Challa will be going up against a number of foes in the new movie.

Black Panther will be all about T'Challa trying to be the king of his nation, which has broken its long history of isolation thanks to the events of Captain America: Civil War. Vying for control of Wakanda will be rival leaders like M'Baku, outside forces such as Erik Killmonger, and Klaue, who's dead set on the nation's powerful Vibranium stockpile. We've heard that Klaue is the main villain of the film, despite what the trailers have suggested. But just what are his motivations?

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IGN spoke with Andy Serkis about what compels Klaue to act in Black Panther, and the actor teased some interesting motivations. For one, it appears that Klaue is "furious about what’s happened [in Black Panther]. So it is personal with T’Challa." But his agenda doesn't end there.

"He also wants to expose what he thinks is the hypocrisy of Wakanda. That’s really what drives him. As well as his addiction to vibranium."

As teased in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Klaue already has a connection to Wakanda thanks to his Vibranium smuggling. But Serkis' comments make it seem as if there may be a deeper history at play. It's also clear that Klaue's failed plan, teased in both trailers, doesn't make him too keen on Wakanda's new ruler.

The note about the hypocrisy of Wakanda is also an intriguing one. Again, many within Wakanda will have issues with both T'Chaka's and T'Challa's rule. They'll seek to rule or influence the nation based on their beliefs. But Klaue may be motivated by an outsider's perspective on the wealthy and advanced nation. For him, he may see their isolation as irresponsible given the good they could do in the world. Of course, that will put him at odds with other opinions on how Wakanda should act, so it will be interesting to see where all of these parties fall ideologically. Regardless, it's clear Black Panther will be far headier than the typical superhero film as it grapples with politics, national identity, and morality.

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Source: IGN

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