New Black Panther TV Spot Features Kendrick Lamar

The brand-new Black Panther TV spot puts the spotlight on Erik Killmonger's vendetta and Kendrick Lamar's music. Black Panther's first teaser wowed the Internet thanks to its epic showcase of Wakanda and masterful editing. But it was the use of music that has helped set the film's teasers and trailers apart from the pack. Versions of tracks by both Run the Jewels and Vince Staples have soundtracked most of the looks at the film so far, but they won't be alone.

We learned recently that Kendrick Lamar is producing the Black Panther soundtrack, and a collaboration between him and Sza has already been released. Most blockbuster soundtracks tend to either be afterthoughts or simply the score of the film. For Black Panther, Marvel is following the model of Ta-Nehisi Coates' first run in the comics by pairing the movie with plenty of contemporary music. Now, the latest TV spot for next month's film offers more of Lamar's work.

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Marvel released a new TV spot for Black Panther with part of a track from Kendrick Lamar. Likely, we'll hear more of it soon, but for now the spot provides more of Killmonger and teases his approach as a villain in the upcoming Marvel film.

Thanks to our set visit to Black Panther, we've learned a lot about the themes and characters of the new film. Killmonger will be a big part of that as an atypical villain who's seeking the throne for very specific reasons. In essence, Black Panther's villain is his own hero as he sees himself as a savior of sorts. Of course, he won't be the only one vying for the throne.

From M'Baku to Ulysses Klaue, T'Challa will be contending with plenty of would-be usurpers as he attempts to lead his country following his father's death. But for Killmonger, the changing of the guard is a chance to make Wakanda into something new and different. Black Panther is second chance for Michael B. Jordan as well, following the failure of Fantastic Four. We haven't seen much of the villain in the previews of Black Panther so far, but the new spot reveals a bit more about his motivations and shows just how formidable T'Challa will be as an opponent.

There's also a chance Killmonger may have a lasting influence on Wakanda. Coates' run in the comics saw Wakanda split into factions that ultimately reworked the structure of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Nakia's intriguing role in Black Panther could mirror the comics and see the Dora Milaje warrior join up with Killmonger. Luckily, fans won't have to wait much longer to learn exactly what will happen as Black Panther will hits theaters in just a few weeks.

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