Marvel’s Black Panther is Getting A Jewelry Line

Black Panther is getting its own line of jewelry from well-known artist and designer Douriean Fletcher. Opening another year for the superhero film genre is Marvel Studios' 18th project since they first started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. The movie will reunite fans with Captain America: Civil War standout, Chadwick Boseman as the new king of Wakanda and the country's protector.

Not much is known regarding the narrative specifics of Black Panther, but solely based on the aesthetic, casting and musical choices that director Ryan Coogler has chosen for the project, it's clear that he mined a great deal of inspiration from Africa. Even the film's production designer, Hannah Beachler, went on a location scouting trip to further ensure that they are able to encapsulate the feel and vibe of a real African nation. This is part of the filmmaker's  conscious effort to make sure they’re properly representing the continent, its culture, and people. 

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A report from CBR shares that the LA-based jewelry designer is curating a special set of jewelry like beaded bracelets, necklaces and a pair of earrings. Granted that Fletcher also has some background when it comes to costume-making, she also has a snapback hat as part of the collection. Those who are interested in nabbing some of the pieces, presale of the items are already available on the artist's official website until January 6.

Prior to her involvement with the Marvel Studios project, Fletcher has already been a proponent of creating pieces that mine inspiration from the rich culture of that part of the continent. Her work has prompted her to travel throughout Tanzania in the hopes of immersing herself in the local scene, which in turn could help her craft jewelries that truly represent the aesthetic and vibe of that pocket of the world. Aside from being tie-in merchandise for the upcoming film, the jewelry line also aims to promulgate the South African region, where the fictional nation of Wakanda is supposedly located, contrary to where the rest of the world thought of it to be in South America.

In her website, Fletcher describes her creations as "unique products of her creative process in which she explores cultural identity, femininity, spirituality and divine power" -- all of which are expected to be also touched on Black Panther. What's more interesting is that she also calls her designs to bring forth "the awareness of an ancient yet futuristic opulence" which is exactly encapsulates the juxtapositions of Wakanda -- a country deeply rooted in its traditions but continues to grow in terms of technical innovation.

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Source: Douriean Fletcher (via CBR)

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