Black Panther Fights For The Throne In New International Trailer

The new international trailer for Black Panther shows Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa fighting to protect the throne of Wakanda. This promo for Marvel Studios’ next cinematic outing follows hot on the heels of a series of Black Panther posters, which established various characters’ roles within the afrofuturist Wakandan society.

Boseman himself has also been talking about the culture of Wakanda, bringing moviegoers up to speed ahead of the fictional nation’s first proper appearance on film. A brief glimpse was offered during a post-credits scene on Captain America: Civil War, but the Black Panther solo movie will delve far deeper into Wakanda and explore T’Challa’s status within it as a hero, “a scientist and a king”.

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Not long after the second Black Panther trailer, which arguably revealed too much about the film, Marvel has opted to release a new international promo for the movie. It contains a lot of footage fans have already seen, but it’s still a very fun ride.

The most obvious new thing about this trailer is its opening. As Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross talks about all the strange stuff he’s seen in recent years, old footage of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America is spliced in. Although the Avengers are not believed to be in this movie, clearly Marvel is keen for its fans around the globe to know that Black Panther is connected to its hugely popular shared universe of iconic characters.

However, although Ross has seen a lot in his time as a shady government employee, he hasn’t seen anything like the technological marvel of Wakanda. This is where African culture and highly advanced science meet, and it is up to T’Challa to defend this society and its way of life. Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is keen to take the throne for his own nefarious purposes. T’Challa will face off against him in numerous eye-catching action scenes.

You could argue that it’s a bit cheeky for Marvel to edit in shots for Thor, Iron Man and Captain America when they aren’t in this film and fans will have to wait for Avengers: Infinity War to see T’Challa teaming up with Earth’s mightiest heroes. Black Panther is very much a solo adventure, although some fans are predicting that an Infinity Stone will show up in Wakanda. Only time will tell if that rumor is true.

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