Black Panther International Trailers: Team Iron Man & MCU Connections

Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa in Black Panther

Robert Downey Jr. joins Chadwick Boseman for a short Team Iron Man reunion in light of the nearing release of Black Panther. While the two worked for the first time together in Captain America: Civil War as Tony Stark/Iron Man and T'Challa/Black Panther respectively, not many know that the 52-year-old was also present when his junior was first announced to headline the upcoming Marvel film in El Capitan Theater three years ago, alongside Chris Evans. At that time, the MCU has yet to formally enter Phase 3. Now that it's almost finished, the two will once again reunite on the big screen in this May's Avengers: Infinity War.

But before the ensemble film rolls out, Boseman is first set to appear in his first solo film. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the buzz around Black Panther has been nothing short of electric. And with early reviews now out, the good word of mouth will only heighten people's anticipation of the upcoming Marvel flick. As of now, it's tracking to pocket $120 million on its opening weekend with a possible impressive total domestic haul amounting to $400 million. 

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As promotion for Black Panther continues with just a week left before it hits theaters, Marvel Studios (via Marvelous Realm) released a brand new spot featuring RDJ chatting with Boseman. In the clip, the first MCU actor asked the 41-year-old to catch people up about T'Challa and his journey thus far since we first met him in Civil War. Interestingly, while talking about Wakanda, the newest Marvel actor to soon grace his own solo outing insinuated that Tony Stark, apparently, has his own stack of Vibranium - an odd thing to say unless of course, he was referring to the genius billionaire's new element creation back in Iron Man 2 that was supposedly also called Vibranium. Check out the clip below:

Speaking of the second Iron Man film, another freshly released snippet with Boseman detailing how Wakanda has long been existing in the MCU rounds back to the 2010 RDJ flick where the initial plot seeds of Black Panther were planted. From there, we once again got a reference to the hidden nation in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron where we actually first met Ulysses Klaue until T'Challa and his father, King T'Chaka (John Kani) officially made their big screen debuts in Civil War:

It's clever that Marvel Studios taps their poster boy to promote Black Panther globally. While Boseman can definitely hold his own with a slew of amazing work under his belt, getting a bit of push from one of MCU's most recognizable faces definitely won't hurt the movie's chances of attracting more interest overseas. Now, we wonder if Evans also joins the marketing train considering that T'Challa helped Cap and even took Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in by the end of Civil War.

With an isolated setting with the film dealing with a national crisis rather than an international situation, Black Panther will be a contained story that focuses on its characters rather than being another building block for Infinity War. That said, whatever goes down in the Coogler directed film will have a significant impact with the franchise moving forward, not just because it potentially has the Soul Stone, but because  if Wakanda decides to open up its borders to the world, it's almost certain that the nation will be the target of a lot of big bads with their high-tech gadgets, and of course, Vibranium.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via Marvelous Realm)

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