Black Panther Will Be Specially Formatted For IMAX

Marvel reveals Black Panther was filmed with IMAX technology, which should make for an unforgettable introduction to Wakanda.

Black Panther will be specially formatted for IMAX. IMAX tickets are more expensive than the norm, and as a result some viewers are wary. Ultimately, the question of whether or not an IMAX showing is worth it depends on how the film was produced. Some directors produce the film for standard cinema screens, and the shots are then adapted for IMAX. These showings tend to be far less impressive. More exciting, though, are the films that have been deliberately produced with IMAX cameras. In those cases, some of the scenes and sequences are designed to fill the screen at the expanded IMAX ratio.

According to Fandango, Black Panther is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year. Director Ryan Coogler has produced a lavish, beautiful film that's set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda. The production crew built a lavish civilization from the ground up, and the quality of world-building in the trailers is absolutely phenomenal.

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Given that's the case, it's no surprise to hear that Coogler has formatted this film for IMAX screens, as revealed on Twitter along with the annoucement that Black Panther tickets are on sale.

In the case of Black Panther, the tweet suggests that Coogler has deliberately formatted the film for IMAX. It makes sense - the bigger screens are perfect for panoramic shots, and as such create a strong sense of place. The trailers have made no secret that Wakanda is as much a character in the film as the Black Panther himself. Some of the best IMAX films have taken a similar approach. Perhaps the most notable example was James Cameron's Avatar, which saw Cameron even release an extended IMAX cut with an additional nine minutes.

It's not unusual to see superhero films use IMAX, and some of the best have deployed the technology to tremendous effect. Christopher Nolan was one of the pioneers of IMAX technology when he filmed The Dark Knight. Back then, the cameras were bulky and cumbersome, but Nolan gave it a shot. He filmed all the action sequences in IMAX, including the six-minute opening shot of a bank heist. It gave the movie a unique tone and style, and won popular and critical acclaim. Nolan, for his part, enjoyed the experience so much that he's used IMAX cameras on all his subsequent films.

Coogler and his team have put tremendous effort into building the world of Wakanda. As such, it's safe to say Black Panther will be another film that truly capitalizes on the IMAX technology. This one may be worth the extra price.

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