Black Panther Honest Trailer: A Marvel Superhero Who Just Won’t Quip

A new Honest Trailers video from Screen Junkies reveals what separates Black Panther from all the other heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is not his wealth, his wisdom nor his technology, but the fact that he is the only hero who does not quip.

While it would be unfair to say that King T'Challa of Wakanda does not have a sense of humor, he is less prone to random snark and sarcasm than most of his fellow superheroes. Of course he does have the regal persona of a king to uphold. It also doesn't help matters that the events of his solo film - set in the days immediately following the death of his father - offer him little reason for levity, as he must bring his father's killer to justice and defend his throne and his homeland.

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The new Honest Trailers video from Screen Junkies, which can be viewed above, points out that T'Challa's dour manner breaks the mold for Marvel Cinematic Universe protagonists. To quote the video, "I thought you had to be a smartass to save the world!"

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa Black Panther

The video also points out other ways in which Black Panther was not your typical Marvel Studios movie. Erik Killmonger is singled out as being far more nuanced than most Marvel Studios' villains and it is pointed out that, in the end, he wins a moral victory of sorts by convincing T'Challa that Wakanda cannot hide itself away from the world forever and must use its gifts to help the world at large. Ironically, the same point was made earlier in the movie by T'Challa's love interest, Nakia, who didn't get any credit for making the same observation as Killmonger. Nakia is also singled out as being a far better realized character with a more active role in the events of the film than most of the leading ladies in Marvel Studios' movies.

The Honest Trailer also pays tribute to the Dora Milaje - the elite all-women personal guard of Wakanda's king - and the large number of female protagonists in Black Panther by pointing out that while T'Challa and Killmonger fight, it is "the women of Black Panther who do all the work" as the movie progresses. This includes the Dora Milaje's leader Okyoe (aka Fear The Shaving Head), T'challa's scientist sister Shuri (aka The Best Disney Princess) and Angela Bassett, as herself.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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