Black Panther Gets New Trailer, Returns To Theaters For #GivingTuesday

A new Black Panther trailer raises awareness for the film's special screenings on Giving Tuesday. As anyone who follows the film industry knows, Ryan Coogler's entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a bona fide phenomenon when it was released back in February of this year. Riding enthusiastic word-of-mouth and critical praise that hailed it as one of Marvel's best offerings, Black Panther tallied $1.3 billion globally and even outgrossed Avengers: Infinity War at the domestic box office. Stateside, it's just the third movie in history to reach the $700 million mark. There's no denying it left an immediate and significant impact on the zeitgeist, and Marvel is trying to get it the Oscar recognition many feel it deserves.

Coogler's approach to Black Panther's story was lauded for its handling of socially-conscious subject matter and themes, which helped elevate the film beyond its traditional genre trappings. The core conflict between T'Challa and Erik Killmonger is ripe for discussion and debate, and continues to be discussed months after the movie's initial premiere. Looking to keep the conversation in the limelight as awards season starts to heat up, Marvel has put together a cool event that'll see Black Panther grace the big screen again.

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Marvel and Film Comment announced there will be free screenings of Black Panther taking place at nonprofit art house theaters on Giving Tuesday (which is today, November 27, 2018, as of this writing). It also includes a post-screening streamed Q&A session with Coogler. To promote the occasion, Marvel unveiled a new trailer, which you can see below.

Black Panther shattered numerous box office records during its run and has been on Blu-ray since May (meaning many people have seen the film and are familiar with it), but this is still a great opportunity many will be keen to take advantage of. For starters, seeing Black Panther projected on a large canvas will be a treat. While the film did garner some criticism for certain CGI effects, Hollywood tentpoles are always meant to be seen on the biggest of screens, and Coogler did a great job of bringing the vibrant nation of Wakanda to life. Additionally, there's always the chance Coogler reveals some fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia during the Q&A, opening up about the film's development and what he hoped to achieve. Coogler was adamant to make Black Panther as personal as any of his other works (even with it being under the Marvel umbrella), so it was definitely a passion project for him.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel made sure to retain Coogler's services for the inevitable Black Panther 2, which is currently expected to begin production in either late 2019 or early 2020. It'll be fascinating to see what Coogler does for a followup (something he's never attempted in his young career so far), but considering the richness of the source material and the beloved characters he has to work with, odds are the Black Panther sequel will be another special addition to Coogler's already impressive filmography.

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