Michael B. Jordan Thanks Fans For Supporting Black Panther

Michael B. Jordan thanks everybody who has shown their support for Black Panther. His second hurrah in the superhero film genre after a rather disappointing stint as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the 2015's The Fantastic Four, the actor has definitely bounced back big time playing N'Jadaka/Erik "Killmonger" Stevens opposite Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa. The Marvel film also marks the third time he's collaborated with director Ryan Coogler who helmed the critically acclaimed films Fruitvale Station and Creed.

Black Panther continues its box office domination, currently already earning more than $700 million and poised to become a billion-dollar movie club member in the next several weeks, especially with little to no blockbuster competition on its way. Much of the film's awe-inspiring success is fueled by the good word of mouth and positive buzz that it's been receiving since its premiere earlier this month. Critics and the general viewing audience are in agreement with regard to their opinion of the flick, nabbing a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes Score and an A+ CinemaScore grade, which is a fresh thing to see considering that the past few blockbusters have been polarizing.

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Taking over Marvel Studios' official Instagram account, Jordan posted a series of Stories to thank everyone who has shown any kind of support for Black Panther. By the end, he teases what's next for him, hinting about his upcoming gigs such as his directorial debut in the movie adaptation of The Stars Beneath Our Feet, as well as starring in the HBO-backed Fahrenheit 451, Creed 2, and reteaming with Coogler for the fourth time in Wrong Answer.

"Hey, I just want to take the time out to thank everybody who's been showing so much love, all the fan-art, all the pictures and the comments, going out to see the movie, I appreciate you guys... It's a crazy feeling, something that you poured your heart and soul into, for the world to see and share, how it's affecting people, surreal feeling and I know it doesn't happen all the time so I just want to take this moment to genuinely thank everyone, you know, all my new followers, everybody man. The love is real, you know what I mean, just know that and I can't wait to bring something else, a little piece of my soul, all right?"

While Black Panther, as a whole, has been lauded by many, Jordan's performance has been often cited as one of the movie's standout. He was able to sell Killmonger's motivations to take over Wakanda, and while his ways are twisted and ultimately wrong, it's hard to argue with his thought process. The actor brilliantly portrayed a ruthless villain who really is just a burdened man never really getting over his childhood trauma, which made us feel for him more. Even at the very end, we kind of want him to live despite the havoc that he's done.

Killmonger's fate made Black Panther's story makes so much more sense. In contrast to Marvel's usual one-and-done villains, his death actually served a purpose for his character arc, and not just to be of service to T'Challa's. That said, it's such a bummer that an actor as good as Jordan will more likely never return in the MCU. Sure, future movies can always find a way to resurrect him, especially with how tech-advanced and spiritually-rooted Wakanda is, but it would undermine the emotional and psychological impact of his death.

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Source: Marvel Studios/Instagram

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