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There Are Two Panthers In The Herb Burning Scene

Again, Black Panther is a comic book movie with lots of easter eggs and references, but sometimes there are things placed in the movie to allude to other events happening in the film. For instance, in the scene in which Killmonger has all the Heart-Shaped Herbs burned, he's standing in the middle of the City of the Dead, and at that moment, audiences can see two Panthers, one on each of Killmonger's sides. Ryan Coogler says that means there are still two Panthers out there: Killmonger and T'Challa, who is later found alive with the Jabari.

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Nakia is Heavily Inspired By Harriet Tubman

Audiences are first introduced to Nakia while she's attempting to free kidnapped women, which is something that has become her calling as a Wakandan, which makes sense since Ryan Coogler says in the film's audio commentary that Nakia was heavily inspired by Harriet Tubman. For those that don't know, Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist who served as a spy for the Union during the American Civil War and helped free dozens of slaves via the Underground Railroad. What's interesting is that Nakia's dedication to helping the rest of the world, especially the less fortunate, is what helps T'Challa decide to open Wakanda's borders at the end of the film.

Okoye Loses The First Dora Milaje In Thousands Of Years

The Dora Milaje are some of the most skilled warriors on the planet - and that is clearly evident in both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, in which they are led by General Okoye (Danai Gurira). But while Killmonger is temporarily King of Wakanda and the Black Panther, he immediately kills one of the Dora Milaje himself during the Battle of Mount Bashenga. That is the first member of the Dora Milaje to be killed in combat in thousands of years, according to Ryan Coogler. Audiences can also see Okoye's reaction to losing one of her warriors as well.

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T'Challa Sees Killmonger As Family

Black Panther Train

At its core, Black Panther is about family. It's centered around a quarrel between cousins who are both vying for the throne as well as Wakanda's future. T'Challa wants to continue Wakanda's traditions and steer the nation free of any conflict, whereas Killmonger wants to use the country's technology and power to better the world, while also conquering it in a way. Their differences put them at odds, with T'Challa eventually defeating Killmonger in battle. But, no matter what happened, T'Challa still considered Killmonger family, according to Ryan Coogler. That's why he brought Erik up to the top of Mt. Bashenga to see the sun before he died, to give him a proper death.

The Car Chase Used Lots of Practical Effects

It's no secret that MCU movies have had their fair share of bad CGI - and Black Panther was no exception. There were parts of the film that weren't properly developed effects-wise, but the car chase sequence was not one of them. That scene was well-done, and it seems that part of that reason is because the production crew used quite a lot of practical effects in the scene, at least much more than people realize. And to get everything down perfectly, the team shot in Busan, South Korea, for a total of nine nights, just for that scene alone.

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T'Challa's Second Time in the Ancestral Plane

When T'Challa visits the Ancestral Plane for the second time, he sees his father as well as most of his ancestors. But, instead of seeing them as Panthers once again, T'Challa sees them as humans because he's confronting them as such. He's challenging their ways, for what they've done has led to them to that moment, to Killmonger taking over the throne. After all, Killmonger was an enemy they had inadvertently created. This entire scene plays into the contrasts from the beginning of the film.

M'Baku Giving Up The Heart-Shaped Herb is the Most Honorable Thing

Winston Duke as MBaku in Black Panther

Everyone believed T'Challa was dead, which is why the royal family offered the Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku to grant the powers of the Black Panther so that he could defeat Killmonger. However, M'Baku rejected the offer and, instead, showed Ramonda, Shuri, Nakia, and Agent Ross that the Jabari had rescued T'Challa from the river. Giving up all that power and paying back T'Challa for sparing his life is considered by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to be the most honorable thing that anyone has ever done in the MCU, according to director Ryan Coogler.

Wakanda Developed as a Potential Place on Earth

On the outside, Wakanda appears otherworldly. And combined with its technological advancements, it seems like a pure science fiction future. But when the production team was designing the world of Wakanda, producer Nate Moore says that they were going for a design that would give audiences the impression that someplace like this could exist somewhere on Earth - perhaps not today but possibly in the future. Of course, at that point, Black Panther fans would be lining up to go visit it.

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