Black Panther Empire Cover Created By Film's Production Designer

The Black Panther Empire Magazine cover - which was created by the film's production designer - nods to some of the Marvel movie's cultural influences. Following their success with Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios is now channeling all their effort towards promoting the upcoming film, which stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa: the new king and protector of Wakanda. Already, the film's marketing campaign includes the second Black Panther trailer, a batch of character posters, and multiple international trailers, as well as some nifty looking artwork.

Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa comes home to the technologically-advanced but hidden country of Wakanda to claim his throne and take up his late father's leadership post. Unfortunately, the transfer of power does not come easy and throws the very safety of T'Challa's homeland into question. It remains to be seen how the new King of Wakanda handles these crises so early in his reign, but he will fortunately have allies of his own to help him through this precarious transition in power.

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With less than two months to go before the Ryan Coogler-directed film hits theaters, Empire has unveiled their special Black Panther subscriber cover, which they will be sending out next week (the regular issue hits newsstands December 28). While the publication does release special covers in light of an upcoming blockbuster, this one is unique in that it's the first time such a cover was created by a film's production designer. Hannah Beachler, the woman behind the stunning backdrops in the film, brings Black Panther's aesthetic to the forefront of the magazine's latest issue. Check out the amazing artwork below:

Empire Black Panther Subscriber's Cover

Beachler also spoke to Empire a bit about the inspiration on the aesthetic of the film and how the collage-looking cover is an extension of that. The front page is chockfull of cultural nods in relation to the movie's African main setting. The designer even went on a location scouting trip to further ensure that the Black Panther movie would capture the feel and vibe of a real African nation. Boseman has likewise talked about how Coogler and the rest of the team behind Black Panther were really conscious about making sure they're properly representing Africa, even though Wakanda itself is a fictional nation.

Marvel Studios is not necessarily controversy-free when it comes to proper cultural and racial representation. One of the biggest scandals that they have had to deal with was the casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange, when the character has long been portrayed as Asian in the comics. It seems like they really want to make Black Panther feel authentic and faithful to its source material, by comparison.

Aside from the stellar Black Panther cast - which perhaps features one of, if not the largest ensemble of black actors in a single film - the movie and Coogler's team look to do a great job of bringing Wakanda to life, based on Beachler's comments. That level of attention to detail shines through in the film's trailers and even on this magazine cover.

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Source: Empire Magazine

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