Black Panther Stands Alone in Disney XD's Avengers: Secret Wars Trailer

Black Panther Avengers Secret War

Disney XD has released the latest look at its upcoming Marvel programming with a new trailer for Avengers: Secret WarsThe TV show Avengers Assemble has been a major part of Marvel's programming over the past four years, airing as a non-canon, more child-oriented response to the more mature cinematic adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fourth season of the show will focus on a famous comic book storyline that the movies have not tackled yet.

Courtesy of Disney XD, we have our first look at the show's version of the comic book run from the 1980s known as Secret Wars. As with a number of adaptations, things have been changed around to fit the child friendly tone a bit more.

This is the second season in a row that the show has tackled a popular comic book run, as last season they did their version of the Age of Ultron storyline that was used for the second Avengers film. In the Secret Wars 12 issue run by Jim Shooter, the Avengers enter different universes through portals, taking on different identities and different iterations. The characters skirmish with each other, mixing and matching sides on a planet called Battleworld.

Black Panther Avengers Secret War

In the upcoming season 4, things take a similar path albeit with some changes to fit within the continuity of Avengers Assemble. Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in disarray following the disappearance of Tony Stark at the end of the Ultron saga. Weakened, the team is confronted by a group of villains led by the Leader, one of the Hulk's greatest villains.

As the villains are nearing victory, the trailer shows Black Panther (whose live-action counterpart had a big week) recruiting other heroes like Vision, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel to save the world. Most of these characters are new to the show, and the first few episodes of Secret Wars will focus on developing them before heading off to the Battleworld saga.

Disney XD's dedication to adapting some of Marvel's most famous stories for a younger audience that may not be able to experience the movies yet is a valuable service, barring that they do the stories justice. Hopefully, this is another opportunity to introduce the kids to some of the most beloved characters in comic-book history.

Avengers: Secret Wars begins with a two-part, one-hour premiere at 11:30am on June 17 on Disney XD.

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Source: Disney XD

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