Chadwick Boseman Doesn’t Want Black Panther to Appear in a Disney+ Series

Star Chadwick Boseman doesn’t want Black Panther to get a Disney+ series, because he's too busy with non-franchise projects to do a TV show.

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Chadwick Boseman doesn’t want Black Panther to get a Disney+ series. With the crowning achievement of Avengers: Endgame, officially the highest-grossing movie of all-time worldwide, Marvel Studios in 2019 capped off a decade of dominance. Now, with the MCU set to enter a new phase of its existence, Marvel is branching out with a handful of series offerings headed to Disney’s new streaming service Disney+.

The first of these new series, expected to arrive in 2020, is Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which as the title suggests focuses on Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s characters from the movies. Then in 2021, the true blitz of Marvel Disney+ content begins with Wandavision, featuring Scarlet Witch and The Vision in what’s described as a mix of superhero show and old-time sitcom. That will be followed with Loki, featuring the Thor villain played by Tom Hiddleston. Also set to arrive in 2021 is What If…, an animated show built around “what if” scenarios involving iconic Marvel characters. Other planned series include Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk, though no firm release dates have yet been announced for those. Another announced series, Hawkeye, is expected to still go ahead despite recent shocking reports about lead actor Jeremy Renner and questions about whether announced actress Hailee Steinfeld will stay on as Kate Bishop.

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One popular Marvel character who apparently won’t be coming to Disney+ however is Black Panther, or at least, if the character does arrive it will have to do so without the movie’s star Boseman in the lead. As Boseman revealed in a recent interview with MTV International (via CBR), he has no interest in reprising the role of T’Challa on the small screen. When asked which Marvel character he’d like to team up with the actor replied with a chuckle:

I wouldn’t because I don’t want to do a TV show. I wouldn’t choose one so I can’t answer that. Like, I have a whole list of things that I’m excited about. And so, none of those are franchises.

21 Bridges poster with Chadwick Boseman

As far as those other projects Boseman is so excited about are concerned, the first to arrive is 21 Bridges, a drama starring the actor as an NYPD detective on a manhunt for a pair of cop killers. Also coming up for Boseman is the drama Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, starring Viola Davis as the titular blues legend, as well the Spike Lee war film Da 5 Bloods. Of course, though Boseman firmly slammed the door on appearing in a Black Panther Disney+ series, the actor is slated to return as the superhero on the big screen in Black Panther 2. So, despite his dismissal of franchises, the actor is not entirely finished appearing in the one that made him a huge international star.

Interestingly, Boseman is already listed (perhaps prematurely) as a voice actor on the announced Disney+ series What If…, and is indeed set to appear in a sci-fi TV series called The Black Child alongside Common and Janet Jackson. So, the actor is clearly not against the idea of being in a TV show per se (he's done plenty of TV in fact, including a stint on the soap All My Children), but he’s simply not interested in starring in a live action Black Panther show that would take up a lot of time and pull him away from other projects. Given his very full dance card, it’s probably no surprise that the actor has no interest in carving out the time to do an entire live action series about T'Challa. Of course, Disney could always elect to replace Boseman in the role and move forward with a Black Panther series anyway.

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Source: MTV International (via CBR)

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