Black Panther Director Game for All-Female Spinoff

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler praises the female characters in the film and says he'd be interested in doing a spinoff about them if given the chance. With Black Panther finally exiting theaters in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, all eyes are on the massive Marvel team-up. But with Wakanda and its denizens playing a vital role in the film and Black Panther releasing digitally, there's still plenty of info coming in regarding the film. We recently saw a hilarious deleted scene involving Everett Ross trying his hand at Wakandan, and there's more where that came from.

The physical release of Black Panther is still impending, but fans can now relive the film in the comfort of their homes. What's more, a number of bonus features are included for those who purchase the smash hit. Along with the recent Ross scene, we also got some touching father-son moments from Black Panther that were cut from the film. But while the movie featured many great male characters, Black Panther's director thinks the women of Wakanda deserve even more adulation.

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Reporting from Cannes, Ramin Setoodeh relayed some quotes from Ryan Coogler about Black Panther. The first involves praise for the female characters of the movie, while the second teases that an all-female spinoff could be in the MCU's future. Though Marvel still hasn't debuted their first female-led superhero film, Black Panther featured a number of complex and interesting women - including some incredible warriors. Nakia, Shuri, and Okoye look to be a big part of Marvel's future, with the latter two even appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. Meanwhile, Okoye will lead a Dora Milaje comic book this summer that sees the royal guards hunt down the villainous Nakia.

Danai Gurira's character even featured in a bonus scene herself, one that confirmed Okoye and W'Kabi are married - or, at least, they were until the latter joined forces with Killmonger. Naturally, the film couldn't include everything it wanted to, but the moments we've seen so far definitely help flesh out the story. They also prove there's a lot more to explore with the movie's characters and Black Panther could grow beyond its main series.

We know Marvel may make an all-female movie that was pitched to Kevin Feige last year. That movie could easily include Okoye and others, as one scene in particular from Avengers 3 makes the case for a female team-up. And though a women of Wakanda movie also manifesting seems to be just an idea at this point, audiences don't look like they'll be tiring of Black Panther and its world anytime soon.

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Source: Ramin Setoodeh [2]

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