Black Panther Deleted Scenes Feature Touching Father-Son Moments

Two new deleted scenes from Black Panther dive deeper into the relationship between T'Challa and T'Chaka and address the passing of the mantle for Wakanda's protector. Moviegoers have been exposed to a lot of Black Panther in a short amount of time. After Captain America: Civil War introduced the character and teased his world back in 2016, this year's Black Panther turned Wakanda and T'Challa's pantheon into household names. Black Panther is one of 2018's highest-grossing films, with the movie still playing in a number of theaters over two months after its debut.

With Black Panther still firmly in the minds of audiences, Avengers: Infinity War launched last week and offered even more of Wakanda. Much of the film's third act takes place in the hidden kingdom and characters like Shuri, Okoye, and M'Baku return to help fight Thanos alongside T'Challa. It's clear that the promise of more Black Panther is just one factor that helped Avengers: Infinity War shatter box office records, but there's still a lot fans haven't seen. Hundreds of hours of footage were shot for Avengers 3, and Black Panther has multiple deleted scenes that are finally emerging.

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Yahoo Movies debuted a new deleted scene for Black Panther ahead of the film's release on home video. The movie will arrive digitally on May 8 before debuting on physical media on the 15. Along with a number of featurettes, the release will further explore character relationships in several deleted scenes. The one above shows a young T'Challa (and Nakia) head to the temple where T'Chaka has a heart to heart with his son. The moment comes after T'Chaka returns to Wakanda having just killed his brother (aka Killmonger's father).

There's also some discussion of how T'Challa will inherit the Black Panther mantle even before becoming king. That latter bit is discussed even more in another deleted scene from EW, which you can watch at the link.

T'Challa and Zuri in Black Panther

This other scene looks to come after T'Challa first communes with his father, and the conversation with Zuri about his time as a War Dog foreshadows the reveal later on regarding what T'Chaka did in Oakland. We also hear more about how T'Challa assumed the Black Panther title. This is something that's never been fully explained in the film, as the comics have established that the Black Panther and the king of Wakanda are one and the same. Of course, T'Chaka died when T'Challa was young in the comics, so it's clear that his old age prevented him from donning the suit and protecting his country.

We also hear more about T'Challa opening Wakanda to the world, something T'Challa continues by the end of the film. With Avengers: Infinity War taking place two years after Black Panther, there's a lot of in between time we haven't yet explored in the MCU. But with Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel as prequels to Avengers 3, perhaps Black Panther 2 will also rewind the clock and show the immediate fallout of Wakanda revealing itself. Until then, audiences will have plenty of Wakanda to enjoy when Black Panther releases on home video.

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Sources: Yahoo Movies and EW

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