Agent Ross Tries Speaking Wakandan in Black Panther Deleted Scene

A newly-released deleted scene from Black Panther shows T'Challa and his entourage arriving at the United Nations and being greeted by Agent Everett Ross. The scene takes place before the movie's mid-credits scene, in which T'Challa announces his intention to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding Wakanda and share their resources and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Black Panther recently returned as part of the massive ensemble cast of Avengers: Infinity War, which staged a battle between Thanos' Outriders and the armed forces of Wakanda. The king/superhero was still riding the high of his solo movie, which has so far grossed a massive $1.335 billion worldwide. In fact, Black Panther is still making money, grossing another $4.7 million during Infinity War's opening weekend.

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There have been few deleted scenes from Black Panther released so far, and this latest scene serves to flesh out T'Challa's historical decision. The world-weary Ross, who has seen the worst of what greed and corruption can do, tells T'Challa that he doesn't think revealing Wakanda's technological advancements is a good idea. "What you have is going to scare a lot of people in that room," he warns. "They're going to come after you." T'Challa acknowledges the danger, but says that the move is necessary: "I will no longer rule out of fear."

Black Panther made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War - a movie whose plot was centered around the United Nations trying to bring superheroes to heel, and stop the Avengers from acting like the world's policemen without any oversight. Black Panther was technically on the side of Team Iron Man and the Sokovia Accords during this conflict, but he was mainly just interested in avenging his father's murder and happily skipped across the globe without awaiting permission. In Black Panther, we learned that Wakandan agents called War Dogs are actually embedded in countries all around the world.

Now that Wakanda's secret is out, we can probably expect to see some fallout from T'Challa's decision in Black Panther 2. After all, Ulysses Klaw caused a lot of trouble for the African nation when he discovered it was built on a bed of Vibranium, and there are definitely a lot more unscrupulous people like Klaw out there. Let's hope Ross will have managed to polish his Wakandan language skills a bit by the time that movie comes around.

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Source: IGN

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