Black Panther Gets an Improved Costume in Japanese Trailer

Black Panther gets a new costume in the film's Japanese trailer - one that also showcases Klaue's sonic canon and a big battle in the film. Between Thor: Ragnarok playing in theaters and the Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropping online, it can be easy to forget that the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is only about two months away. Before the heroes of the Earth and beyond unite to take on Thanos, T'Challa and his homeland of Wakanda will be featured front and center in next February's Black Panther.

The trailers for Black Panther have proven to be massive hits online, generating even more positive buzz ahead of the film's theatrical release. Along with the focus on Wakanda, the film will also have a globe-hopping style that should do benefit the movie in international markets. As such, there has been an uptick in the film's marketing aimed at a global audience of late. First, several international posters for Black Panther were released online, and now there's a fresh Japanese trailer that features a healthy amount of previously-unreleased footage.

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Marvel has unveiled a new Japanese trailer for Black Panther, which features several clips not included in any of the movie's previous trailers (domestic and international alike). There's footage here of both T'Challa and Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) fighting enemies in a casino, plus a new scene of Klaue using his sonic canon. We also get to spend more time with the villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), hinting at his complex motivations in the film.

Along with the additional scenes, there are some expanded segments here that clear a few things up. Shuri, T'Challa's sister, is shown elaborating on the new Black Panther suit and what it's capable of. Previous trailers offered a look at T'Challa's new nano-powered supersuit and its many tricks, but now we have confirmation that Shuri herself designed it. As for how Killmonger gets his complimentary gear, that's still a mystery.

The trailer also elaborates on the fight between T'Challa and Killmonger in what looked like an otherworldly setting. Thanks to an extended clip, it looks like the two will be falling into a vibranium mine and duking it out in the eerie location. Whether this is the film's final battle or not is unclear, but hopefully Marvel hasn't spoiled anything too major here.

This isn't the first international trailer we've seen, as a previous Black Panther trailer positioned the titular hero alongside the Avengers, while also maintaining his battle for the throne. Today's trailer also hints at this, with Killmonger claiming he wants the seat of power for himself. Of course, it appears from the Infinity War trailer that Wakanda will remain under T'Challa's control, but there's no telling what will happen along the way until Black Panther arrives in theaters.

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Source: Marvel Studios [via MCU Exchange]

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