Black Panther Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

If the main characters from the MCU's Black Panther were sorted into their Harry Potter Hogwarts houses, where would they belong?

The characters from Black Panther are some of the most engaging and likable form the entire MCU. Even though most of these characters are relatively new to the MCU, and some have only appeared in just one film, they definitely made a big impact. Luckily, there are already plans in the works for Black Panther 2 which will give fans more time to get to know the characters they’ve already come to love. Each of these characters has distinct personalities, and this means sorting them into Hogwarts houses is exciting. Some of their house sortings might not be what you’d think at face value.

Here are the main characters from Black Panther sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.


Seeing as Killmonger is the villain in the movie, it’s easy to think he would be sorted into Slytherin. In the Harry Potter books, pretty much all of the bad guys except for a few exceptions are sorted into Slytherin, but this doesn’t seem very fair as good and bad people can come from all houses. While Killmonger might have some misguided views and actions, the way he goes about them relies on being bold and brash. He is more reminiscent of a lion than of a snake.


W’Kabi is one of T’Challa’s best friends and also Okoye’s husband. As such, you would think he would some amount of loyalty to them. Instead, he goes along with Killmonger and supports him despite it being clear that Killmonger will be horrible for Wakanda. While W'Kabi anger about the death of his parents is understandable, the way he betrays his friends and especially his wife makes it clear he has some of the worst traits of a Slytherin.


Queen Ramonda is a character that we don’t get as much insight into. While she does have some scenes in the film, we don’t really learn much about her backstory or her personality traits.

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However, it’s clear that she is a calm, benevolent queen and a loving mother. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and exudes a lot of wisdom. It’s because of this that sorting her into Ravenclaw makes the most sense. Overall, she seems to be a character with a good balance of many of the Hogwarts house traits.


Okoye in Black Panther

Okoye is one of the most engaging and likable characters from the movie, so it might seem surprising at first that she would be sorted into Slytherin. However, her loyalty to certain ideals and structures is very Slytherin of her. She is also ambitious and intelligent. Plus, she is someone who has a lot of pride. Her energy and attitude seem very fitting for a Sltyerhin who is a good person. She is dedicated to protecting Wakanda above all else, but she also has great respect and cares for the people she is close to.


Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia in Black Panther

Nakia is a hard character to sort because she does have a lot of traits of many of the houses. She obviously has bravery and chivalry as well as a good amount of cunning in order to do the work she does outside of Wakanda. As one of the War Dogs, she has many traits in order to do so. However, she doesn’t seem particularly reckless like a Gryffindor or ambitious in the way a Slytherin is. She also seems to care about equality like a Hufflepuff. But, overall, with her measured and well-rounded demeanor, she seems like she would fit best in Ravenclaw.


T’Chaka is a character that we mostly see in flashbacks and the afterlife in this film. He is clearly a huge inspiration and an important person to T’Challa, but a lot of the movie is about T’Challa’s realization that his father wasn’t perfect. However, T’Chaka does seem to give off a lot of Gryffindor vibes. He is very protective of Wakanda and his people and willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe, even if he doesn’t always think about other options.


N’Jobu is another character who we don’t get to see much of in the movie, but his impact is felt throughout the plot. While we don’t learn too much about him, we do know that he cared deeply about other people in the world who are suffering.

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He wanted to help oppressed people throughout the world. While letting Klaw steal vibranium to do so was not the best move, his commitment to equality and fairness makes him seem like Hufflepuff would be the best place for him.


Black Panther Forest Whitaker Zuri

Zuri is another character who was extremely important to T’Challa. His untimely death was definitely hard to watch in the movie, and seeing how much it impacted T’Challa was hard, too.

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While we don’t get to know as much about him as we might like, his position as adviser to the king as well as one of the people who oversee the drinking of the heart-shaped herb, it’s clear he has a lot of knowledge and wisdom. He clearly has the function of a wiser, older person who is there to give council.


Shuri is definitely a fan-favorite character that many people loved right away. While many fans were hoping for more of her in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, she is likely going to be featured again in Black Panther 2. Shuri has a charismatic and funny personality, but her entire goals in life revolve around learning and the pursuit of knowledge. This fact makes her very much a Ravenclaw. As the smartest person in the MCU, it’s hard to imagine her anywhere else.


T’Challa is a very wise and noble character who is extremely likable. While he’s not perfect, he tries his best to be a good King to Wakanda and take care of his people while also helping the rest of the world. He definitely has a lot of Gryffindor traits such as being noble, brave, and honorable. However, he also has a bit of a soft side and is also someone who cares about fairness and doing the right thing in a very Hufflepuff way. He really could be in either house.

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