Bucky Takes A Nap In Black Panther Behind the Scenes Photo

Sebastian Stan has shared a behind-the-scenes photo of his cameo in this month's Black Panther. While Ryan Coogler's entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced some of the most captivating and dynamic characters the franchise has to offer, the film also reacquainted viewers with familiar faces. A pleasant surprise came in the final post-credits scene, which depicted a recuperating Bucky Barnes admiring the sights and sounds of Wakanda. Bucky was taken to the country at the end of Captain America: Civil War, where Shuri found a way to "reboot" his brain and help him recover from Hydra's work.

Though there wasn't room for Bucky in the film proper, it was still a nice touch on Coogler's part to give fans an update on Barnes' condition in a stinger. The character will be fighting alongside his good friend Steve Rogers once again when Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, but for now, the former Winter Soldier is enjoying all the rest he can get before Thanos arrives.

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Stan took to his Instagram account to share a picture of Bucky sleeping, which is obviously taken from his brief scene at the end of Black Panther. The actor included the caption, "Dreams are never free #wakandaforever," which is likely a reference to all Bucky has been through in his life to finally have a good night's sleep. Check it out for yourself in the space below:

Dreams are never free. #wakandaforever

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It's possible Bucky's appearance in Panther goes beyond a fun Easter egg for viewers. The Wakandan children in the village call Bucky "White Wolf," which is a reference to a Marvel character. In the comics, the White Wolf mantle is taken by Hunter, a white child who survived a plane crash and was granted Wakandan citizenship by T'Chaka. We've theorized that for the purposes of the films, Marvel is going to have Bucky become the White Wolf on his road to redemption. This would make sense, given the connection between Bucky and Wakanda that's now been established. It's a blatant deviation from the source material, but Marvel has exerted artistic license before in the movies. A change like making Bucky the White Wolf wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary for them.

Marvel clearly has big plans for Wakanda in their immediate future, as evidenced by several Black Panther characters returning for Infinity War. It's also possible the country is where the Soul Stone is, which would explain why Thanos' forces are attacking it so heavily in the teaser trailer. Based on the enthusiastic response to Black Panther and its record shattering box office numbers, moviegoers are definitely excited to return and explore more of the nation in the next Avengers film.

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