Black Panther to Pass $500 Million at Global Box Office Today

Black Panther is essentially guaranteed to pass $500 million at the worldwide box office before the end of the day. We've been doing our best to keep track of all the records Black Panther has broken, but new ones arrive every day. Along with the nearly unmeasurable social media buzz the film has had and the Black Panther Challenge campaign that has encouraged people around the world to buy tickets for underprivileged fans, even the more tactile milestones for the movie have been impressive.

Black Panther burst onto the scene with the fifth-biggest opening of all time and the second for the MCU, just behind 2012's The AvengersBlack Panther set a new February record as well, besting previous record holder Deadpool. The $201 million head start the film got in its domestic debut has helped the movie continue to earn new accolades each day, and the global haul for Marvel's latest tentpole is still ballooning. Now, the most recent numbers have the movie setting another record and hitting half a billion.

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Exhibitor Relations has the latest numbers for Black Panther, reporting that the film earned $14.5 million yesterday. That makes it the MCU's highest Wednesday earning, topping the record held by The Avengers ($13.6M). The global total for Black Panther currently sits at $491M, meaning it will also break the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office today.

The Wednesday numbers aren't a huge surprise considering how the rest of the week has gone for the film. Thanks to Presidents Day, Black Panther broke the Monday box office record previously held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even without a holiday, the film did well on Tuesday, where Black Panther topped The Avengers for that day as well.

Black Panther still has a ways to go to become the MCU's all time top-grosser, as The Avengers still holds the number one spot with an impressive $1.5 billion global total. Still, if Black Panther can clear a billion it will enter the MCU's top 5, and become the only solo debut film to accomplish that feat. What's more, it would be Marvel's only MCU film to cross the one billion mark without including Tony Stark. With the future of the MCU unclear after Phase 3, T'Challa may just be the leader the shared universe needs - and Black Panther may become the franchise at the front of Marvel Studios.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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