Black Panther's Blu-Ray SteelBook Art Already Revealed

The Blu-Ray SteelBook cover for Black Panther features some stunning art. Marvel Studios is just a few days into Black Panther's theatrical run, but already it is surpassing every single expectation. Its opening weekend shattered nearly every Marvel Cinematic Universe record. Thanks to the great word of mouth and the lack of high budget competition in its path, there shouldn't be much that can slow down Chadwick Boseman's solo movie.

While many are still looking forward to checking out Black Panther in theaters for the first time, several fans have already added to the box office with repeat viewings. Ryan Coogler crafted a movie that certainly has high rewatchability, so when it comes time for the movie to hit store shelves, it will likely be a hot commodity. As usual, multiple options will be available, but many may spring for this eye-catching SteelBook.

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Best Buy unveiled the SteelBook designs for Black Panther even though it is just beginning its time in theaters. Both sides of the SteelBook feature Black Panther and him alone, but the interior displays the beauty of Wakanda along with the entire cast. There's currently no release date set for Black Panther, but pre-orders have begun for $29.99 for this SteelBook.

This is just one variant for what will be several cover options thanks to DVD, Blu-Ray, and a potential 4K release. So, those already looking to purchase the movie in a physical form may need to wait to see what other options arise before ordering this one. But, as the first look at the movie's home release designs, Black Panther's SteelBook appears to be just as stylish as the movie it will contain.

Since there is (understandably so) not yet a release date for Black Panther to hit store shelves, its unclear just how long fans will have to wait to bring the movie home. Looking at Marvel Studios' next home release, Thor: Ragnarok is coming just over four months after it opened. That is a fairly regular timeline when it comes to home releases, which means fans won't likely have Black Panther handy for their pre-Avengers: Infinity War rewatches if a similar schedule is followed. There is however a chance that Black Panther could still be playing in some theaters in the weeks leading up to Infinity War. Plus, Marvel could also do a huge MCU marathon in theaters, so one could conceivably get their Black Panther fix that way.

Even if that doesn't end up being the case, Black Panther is still off to a great start at the box office. There is a legitimate chance the movie crosses $1 billion worldwide when everything is said and done. That is only the beginning of the money Marvel will make off it thanks to merchandising, as well as the sales of this SteelBook and other home video releases.

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Source: Best Buy

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