Black Panther is Reportedly Leading to More Black Cat Adoptions

Much has rightly been said about the importance of Black Panther to both African-American culture and the push for more balanced levels of minority representation in major Hollywood films. The massive impact made by Black Panther will surely be felt for years to come, and will hopefully result in an increased level of films made starring black actors and/or made by black filmmakers. However, outside of the human impact, another group is reportedly seeing positive effects as a result of Black Panther: black cats.

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According to a recent Tumblr post by user gallusrostromegalus (via The Daily Dot) the success of Black Panther is leading to increased adoptions of black cats. Black cats often languish un-adopted due to outdated superstitions, such as that they're bad luck, or associated with witchcraft. If what this poster says concerning their local animal shelters holds true for adoption trends in other areas, it could lead to a long overdue reversal in the unfortunate tendency for black cats to not find homes.

While it's not surprising to see that the most popular name for the newly adopted black cats is T'Challa, it's pretty hilarious to think about an army of cute little kitties running around out there named Killmonger. Them getting named that isn't too surprising either though, as despite being a villain, Michael B. Jordan's Erik "Killmonger" Stevens is widely considered one of the most sympathetic characters in the film. What was done to him by T'Chaka was both unfair and immoral, and he had every right to want vengeance.

As great as it is to see these cats adopted, one hopes that this won't be a case of pop culture-related animal adoptions that ultimately results in many of said animals being abandoned or sent back to a shelter. Adoptions of different types of animals often rise around the time of a film featuring or related to them, only to see the trend sadly reverse after the hype dies down. For the sake of these cats, here's hoping this time is different.

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Source: Tumblr [via The Daily Dot]

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