Every Major Reveal From The Art Of Black Panther Book

4. The Royal Talon Fighter

The Royal Talon Fighter is essentially Wakanda's Air Force One, T'Challa's royal aircraft flown by the Dora Milaje. Typical Wakandan aircraft are functional, but this is the vehicle of a king, and as a result it has a luxurious interior. "We didn't want it to look like a spaceship because they're not in space," Beachler explained, "but we wanted it to feel like a very luxurious aircraft that has all of the bells and whistles that Vibranium can give it." Marvel initially produced two designs. The first was based around the peafowl. But the second, the most interesting design, was based on a tribal mask.

One of the film's key scenes is the moment when T'Challa disembarks the Royal Talon Fighter, returning to his homeland as the new king. Concept artist Rodney Fuentebella researched a lot of royal shots, how films show royalty engaging with one another. "I wanted to have this very symmetrical feel where it felt very strong," he revealed, "and how Black Panther is stationed in the middle and he's lit from behind and you have sense of him carrying a burden."

3. How Shuri's Interface Works

Shuri's interface is perhaps the most remarkable piece of technology in the film. As Beachler explained, "We knew what Tony Stark's interface looked like and I was totally against doing a hologram, because that's what we see all the time." That decision meant she was essentially worked with technology that doesn't yet exist; this was entirely within the realms of science-fiction.

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Considering the possibilities, Beachler recalled that Shuri's lab was inside the Great Mound.

"If we're in the Vibranium mine, and they're extracting the Vibranium, the rock melts away around it, and when it melts it becomes like lava sand. So, our sand is going to be black, and it's going to be almost like nanites. Shuri's whole [lab] floor has a bunch of these sandboxes. When she makes the Lexus for the car chase in Korea, the sandbox frame drops and the extra sand drops, but it leaves the shape of a car - a car that you can get in and drive."

2. Black Panther's Costume Could Have Been Blue Or Red

Black Panther gives T'Challa a whole new costume, one with a stunning new powerset. The Vibranium outfit doesn't just absorb kinetic energy - it also releases it. As the suit builds up a charge, purple markings gradually take shape on it, modeled from tribal tattoos.

But this design could have been very different; Marvel actually toyed with a range of colors, including blue and red. According to concept artist Adi Granov, the actual markings are in the Wakandan alphabet, created by a member of the design team.

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1. Warrior Falls Was The Most Important Black Panther Set

Situated on the river Amanzi Kwakhona Umlambo, Warrior Falls is the site of Black Panther's ritual challenge. The location is lifted straight from the comics, and the production team visited waterfalls in Africa for research. "The inspiration for [Warrior Falls] was Oribi Gorge in South Africa," Beachler revealed. The production crew spent a great deal of time walking and hiking, looking at the rock structures. They then created a massive set.

"The whole set is actually industrial styrofoam, and then we plastered over it. The pool has a special epoxy on it for the water and for the fighting because when they go down, we want to make sure that they're not getting hurt. We were thinking about the safety of the stunt people and the actors, so it needed to be a little bit softer. We foamed it, put epoxy down on it, and painted it to look like a rock face on the bottom of the pool."

All the Black Panther sets are stunning, but Warrior Falls - a key location in both the movies and the comics - is clearly the piece de resistance.

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