16Adapted Well: Killmonger

Killmonger is easily MCU's best villain to date, though the character played by Michael B. Jordan differs a bit from his comic book source. The Killmonger in Marvel comics was born and raised in Wakanda. However his father's relationship with Ulysses Klaue led to his family's banishment from Wakanda and

their relocation to Harlem, New York. His views regarding "white colonialism" and dreams of returning Wakanda to its roots gained him followers as they did in the movie, but he was ultimately defeated by T'Challa. However, unlike his comic book counterpart, the Killmonger in Black Panther has led a pretty tough life, after his uncle killed his father and left him in America to fend for himself. The hardships Erik faces ultimately makes him the villain that he becomes, but it also makes his character one of the best written characters in MCU history.

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