Black Panther & Other 2018 Movies Transformed into Comic Strips

Black Panther and some other films from 2018 have been transformed into comic strips. From Oscar contenders like The Favourite to indie darlings like Eighth Grade, an artist has taken a downsized, stylized approach to some of last  year's most talked about films.

2018 ran the gamut of genres making significant marks on pop culture. One idiosyncratic filmmaker released what is arguably his most audience-friendly film ever (Yorgos Lanthimos, The Favourite), one filmmaker made a comeback that rivals some of his most jarring work (Paul Schrader, First Reformed), and some evolved from the world of independent filmmaking to create one of the biggest blockbusters ever made (Ryan Coogler, Black Panther). To celebrate a year of eclectic tastes, a handful of films from 2018 have been redesigned as comic strips - some borrowing influences from traditional comic strip styles, some thinking way outside the box.

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Following a trend he started last year, artist Ben Matsuya transformed five films from 2018 into a creative collection of comic strips. Last year, he did the same with Oscar winners Get Out and The Shape of Water, as well as Okja, Good Timeand The Florida ProjectThis year, he created comic strips for Oscar-nominated films Black PantherFirst Reformed, and The Favourite, as well as You Were Never Really Here and Eighth Grade, according to IndieWire (via: Matsuya Creative). Check out the images below:

Black Panther comic strip
First Reformed comic strip
The Favourite comic strip
Eighth Grade comic strip
You Were Never Really Here comic strip

While all the posters are styled after comic strips, their individual looks are influenced by the films they're representing. Black Panther looks like a classic superhero comic book; First Reformed uses stained glass; The Favourite reimagines the film's characters as animals either featured or referenced in the film; Eighth Grade combines the look of comic strips with YouTube's video column layout; and You Were Never Really Here pulls moments straight from the films in individual sections.

As exciting as it to enter 2019 and embrace a whole new year of film, 2018 certainly deserves the attention. It's the year that brought Michael Myers back from the dead with Halloween; the year that introduced the very first person of color leading a film in the MCU with Black Panther; the year that proved streaming services stand as much of a chance as awards contenders as major studios with Roma. It was a year of significant change, and it'll no doubt go down as a year to remember for film enthusiasts. So, as we await big things to come in 2018, consider these comic strips love letters to a year that has certainly earned the attention.

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Source: IndieWireMatsuya Creative

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