Black Panther 2 Fan Art Features T'Challa Against Namor & Dr. Doom

A fan made Black Panther 2 poster features T'Challa going up against the villainous Dr. Doom and Namor in the highly-anticipated sequel.

New fan art for Black Panther 2 sees T’Challa battling two different villains, both of whom are very familiar. Although little is known, at this point, about the sequel to 2018’s record-breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe hit, there are a few details about the highly-anticipated project which have been revealed. Filming may begin in 2021, with a confirmed release date of May 6, 2022. Given Killmonger’s death near the end of Black Panther, and given how rumors of his return have been addressed by Kevin Feige, fans have been wondering about who the new bad guy might be in the next chapter of T’Challa’s story.

Some choices have proved more popular than others. Potentially teased by an offhand comment in Avengers: Endgame, Namor is one of those popular choices. Making his first comic book appearance in 1939, Namor was created by writer and artist Bill Everett. The mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of Atlantis, Namor has a bevy of superhuman abilities which include flight and super-strength. Namor has been presented as both a friend and foe in his interactions with T’Challa, which would make him an interesting villain. Others have argued that Dr. Doom would be better suited for the role, allowing the baddie the kind of fresh start that the MCU has provided for other characters. A new fan poster, which features a very famous actor, sidesteps the choice entirely by allowing the hero of Black Panther to face off against both Namor and Dr. Doom.

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Instagram user Camille Vialet shared the artwork on their account. The fan poster looks convincingly like something that might come out of Marvel Studios itself. Namor, envisioned as Keanu Reeves, and Dr. Doom are both prominently featured. Although Reeves might be a little harder to spot with shorter hair. Check out the awesome fanmade poster below.

The poster also offers something of a potential narrative. It is Dr. Doom, not Namor, that is staring down Black Panther. This could provide a storyline where Dr. Doom is the main antagonist, or even a misdirect, while Namor is initially presented as an ally of T’Challa. It would not be unusual for the MCU to bring in actors this way. Chiwetel Ejiofor, as Karl Mordo, was a friend to Dr. Strange before turning to the dark side. Jake Gyllenhaal, as Mysterio, famously deceived Spider-Man to achieve his goals. Namor could be a similarly slippery or reluctant rival.

Fans are a long way from finding out what shape Black Panther 2 will take, but this latest bit of fan art offers one possibility. Ryan Coogler, who will be returning as writer and director, has plenty of history to work with in any case and quite a few worthy adversaries.

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Source: Camille Vialet (via ComicBook)

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