Black Panther 2 Confirmed By Marvel At SDCC

Marvel Studios officially confirms Black Panther 2 is in development. After being introduced in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa headlined his own standalone film last year. And though Marvel Studios has produced two of the handful of films to earn more than $2 billion at the worldwide box officeBlack Panther is undoubtedly one of their greatest achievements. Not only did the movie break box office records during its historic run, Black Panther became the first comic book movie to receive a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.

Given how wildly successful Black Panther was, it was a foregone conclusion Marvel would move forward with a sequel. In October 2018, director Ryan Coogler signed on to helm the followup, as well as write the script. Since then, Black Panther 2 details have largely been kept under wraps, but now fans know when they'll be able to return to Wakanda during Phase 4.

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During their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios unveiled their Phase 4 slateBlack Panther 2 was not officially dated, but Kevin Feige confirmed the studio is indeed working on it.

As for why Black Panther 2 was not given a release date, it may have something to do with the stacked lineup of projects Marvel is currently working on. In addition to 5 dated films in Phase 4, Marvel also announced premiere dates for their bevy of Disney+ shows and surprisingly revealed Mahershala Ali as the new Blade (which will also be a movie). Clearly, there's a lot going on at Marvel between now and 2021, and Black Panther 2 obviously isn't part of those plans. With so much to focus on, Marvel's waiting until another time to share details about Coogler's next film. Plus, earlier this month Feige said Coogler had only begun his outline, so there's still a lot of work to be done before Black Panther 2 can fully move forward.

Until Marvel makes an announcement, fans will be predicting when exactly Black Panther 2 will come out. A safe bet would be on the February 2022 date Marvel has set aside for an untitled film. The original Black Panther, of course, made plenty of history in February 2018, so it would be smart for the studio to try to replicate that as closely as possible. It isn't coincidence that Thor: Love and Thunder is coming out in November 2021, four years after Thor: Ragnarok was a smashing success in November 2017. It goes without saying Marvel has a very strong handle on things right now, so they'll make sure Black Panther 2 is in the best possible position whenever it's ready to debut.

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