Black Ops 4 Blackout Guide: Pro Tips For Battle Royale Beginners

With Call of Duty moving into the battle royale genre, here's a guide for new players on how to get started and compete with the best in Blackout.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has arrived, and the title brings with it a selection of gameplay modes. Although a story-driven campaign is out this time around, traditional multiplayer modes are still here, as is the franchise's well-loved Zombies mode. There's also a new addition: Blackout, the Call of Duty take on the battle royale genre.

All in all, Blackout has impressed those familiar with battle royale gameplay modes. Although it still remains to be seen as to whether it can compete with the likes of Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as a long-term option, the player base for Call of Duty games means that it's going to be given as good a chance as it can.

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That said, those players who haven't tried out battle royale games so far may feel a bit intimidated by such a big change of pace within a Call of Duty title. As such, read on for some tips on how to get up to speed with the game mode.

Understand The Rules

To begin with players should learn how Blackout works before jumping in, so here's a brief rundown of how the game mode functions. Blackout can be played solo, as a pair, or in teams, and the end goal is the same: eliminate all opposition. Players are airdropped into the Blackout map, and must then choose a safe landing spot. From there, they will want to scavenge to get hold of some weapons, and then make sure - by any means necessary - that they are the last ones alive on a shrinking map.

How someone chooses to do that, however, is up to them. They could choose to go on the offensive, tracking down other combatants and taking them out, or could go for a more stealthy approach, escaping from dangerous situations and leaving the more challenging firefights to others. As long as the end result is a victory, anything goes (except for cheating, that is).

Stick The Landing

Call of Duty-Black Ops 4 Blackout Battle Royale

The first thing players will want to think about is where they want to land. Jumping from a helicopter, gamers will then want to use their wingsuit to try and get to as strong  starting location as possible. That said, making a decision fast - and getting to the ground quickly - is also important to avoid being left at a disadvantage against speedier competitors.

Choosing where to land is extremely important, though. Although landing at settlements is a surefire way to get some good equipment to start with, this brings with it some dangers, as these areas are more likely to have attracted attention from others. That said, landing further away can leave players at a disadvantage without gear, so it's really a question of risk and reward.

Scavenge With Smarts

Getting hold of good equipment is perhaps the top way to make sure that someone has the best chance possible of succeeding in Blackout. However, rushing in without caution is the most common reason for a game of Blackout to end early. As such, it's important to stay aware at all times, and simple things like steering clear of areas ripe for sniping can make a real difference.

That said, scavenging is essential for success in Blackout, and sticking with some basic weapons isn't ideal. As such, it's best for players to keep moving when they can to try and find new gear, because an upgrade can make all the difference when locked in battle with another player.

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