Black Monday Teaser Trailer: Don Cheadle & Co. Crash The Stock Market

Don Cheadle Andrew Rannells and Regina Hall in Black Monday

The first teaser for Showtime’s upcoming Black Monday shows Don Cheadle as he snorts an excessive amount of cocaine before giving a robot a high five in this ‘80s-set Wall Street dramedy from executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The series is created by Jordan Cahan and David Caspe, and boasts an impressive cast that, in addition to Cheadle, includes Regina Hall (Girls Trip), Andrew Rannells (Girls), and Paul Scheer (The League), as a group of excess-loving stockbrokers who may actually be responsible for the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history. 

When the series was first announced, it came with an image of Cheadle, Rannells, and Hall aboard an NYC subway car in all its ‘80s graffiti-ridden glory. The image not only effectively established the period in which the show would take place, but it also set the tone for the new series without resorting to making its characters look like Gordon Gekko or Patrick Bateman. The first teaser trailer, however, reveals just how much Black Monday will play upon some of the familiar tropes associated with those who make their living on Wall Street.

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There’s more to the series than it being just another exploration of greedy capitalists or an ill-advised rehash of The Wolf of Wall Street. Instead Black Monday will attempt to tell its money-lined story from a slightly different perspective — that of a group of outsiders the series claims is responsible for stock market crash of October 1987. Check out the trailer and a brief synopsis below:

BLACK MONDAY takes viewers back to October 19, 1987 – aka Black Monday, the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street. To this day, no one knows who caused it … until now. It’s the story of how a group of outsiders took on the blue-blood, old-boys club of Wall Street and ended up crashing the world’s largest financial system, a Lamborghini limousine and the glass ceiling.”

The series looks interesting from a visual standpoint. From this brief glimpse it looks as though Black Monday would be am interesting companion piece to HBO’s own period drama, The Deuce. Rogen and Goldberg appear to have a handle on the aesthetics of the decade, beginning with the opening shots of the Lamborghini all the way through to Cheadle’s character at home with his fast food, drugs, and robot buddy. Right now that’s all audiences have to go on, but it’s an intriguing look, and one that certainly elevates the anticipation for this new series. 

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Black Monday will premiere sometime in 2019 on Showtime.

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