'Black Mirror' American Remake in (Very) Early Development

Last year, Netflix acquired the U.S. streaming rights to a British series that took the country by storm, Black Mirror. Now, with the anthology drama’s popularity made clear, there’s of course now talk of an American remake for the show.

According to a new report, from the Realscreen Summit in Washington D.C., the North American heads of Black Mirror’s production company, Endemol Shine, said they are interested in exploring an American iteration of the show.

Said North American Chief Charlie Corwin (via Variety):

[Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones] have really touched on something and I agree – we need more.

However, that’s where the news stops. Despite what the spread of this story is going to have some believe, all this quote merely amounts to at the moment is a case of, “hey, we’re interested if anyone’s willing to pony up some cash.” Any potential adaptation has no attached writer – assuming it doesn’t end up being Brooker – and no attached network. At this point, saying there’s a U.S. version of the series 100% in the works would be irresponsible.

What we can say is there’s potential for the series to gain traction in the states among the right company, particularly Netflix. While the SVOD giant has made no indication of wanting a U.S. remake of the show, it can’t be denied the series’ newfound popularity in the states is due almost entirely to them. So, should the producers be seeking stateside representation, it wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Currently, there is a U.S. version of Black Mirror’s third episode, “The Entire History of You”, set up at Warner Bros. as a feature film that will star Robert Downey Jr. should it receive a production greenlight. But as for a full-blown American version of the show, it’s not happening right now.

That isn’t to say an American Black Mirror TV show couldn’t and that interest isn’t there – it is – but there’s absolutely nothing else to say on the matter... until, at the very least, a U.S. partner starts showing interest in the show.

A U.S. version of Black Mirror could work as long as the series commits to creating new stories around the American culture’s attachment to technology, rather than just re-hashing the U.K. version's stories with American actors. What that series would look like is anyone’s guess, but at least is would be something new and exciting - and thus, worth our time in the first place.

Black Mirror is available now on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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'Black Mirror' American Remake in (Very) Early Development