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Is Black Mirror season 6 happening on Netflix, and if so, when will it release? Created by Charlie Brooker, the anthology series originally premiered in 2011 and has captivated viewers with its provocative commentaries about modern culture and technology.

Black Mirror season 5 premiered in June 2019 after an extended hiatus, but with only three new episodes. In “Striking Vipers,” Anthony Mackie portrays a man struggling with romance in both his real-life and within a virtual reality, while “Smithereens” features Andrew Scott as a cab driver tormented by a fateful mistake involving his phone. In the season 5 finale, "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," Miley Cyrus stars as a pop singer who experiences unique forms of consciousness.

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Black Mirror always keeps people buzzing on social media, but the series has proven to be unpredictable with its release schedule, which will surely continue with Black Mirror season 6. At the moment, here’s what we know and what audiences can expect from Black Mirror season 6.

Black Mirror Hasn't Been Renewed For Season 6 Yet

Black Mirror Smithereen Ending Explained

Netflix hasn’t ordered Black Mirror season 6 and will probably take a few months before making an official announcement about the series’ future. In December 2018, Netflix unveiled the interactive Black Mirror special Bandersnatch, but the last proper series was released in December 2017. Three months later, Netflix teased Black Mirror season 5. Given the popularity of the series, fans can expect more episodes to be produced, and possibly more standalone specials.

When Could Black Mirror Season 6 Release?

Black Mirror Rachel Jack and Ashley Too Ending Explained

Black Mirror’s first two seasons released on the British network Channel 4. Since Netflix's acquisition, at least one year has separated the release of new seasons, with Black Mirror season 5 arriving 17 months after season 4's release in December 2017. While Netflix may surprise fans with a new Black Mirror special prior to summer 2020, the production history suggests that Black Mirror season 6 won’t release until the latter half of 2020 - probably late summer or early fall.

What Are Black Mirror Season 6 Episodes About?

Black Mirror Striking Vipers Ending

To date, 20 of Black Mirror’s 22 episodes have been written by Brooker. Jesse Armstrong wrote the season 1 episode “The Entire History of You” starring Toby Kebbell and Jodie Whittaker, while Rashida Jones and Mike Schur wrote the teleplay for the season 3 episode “Nosedive” (based on Brooker’s story). It’s unclear what Brooker is cooking up for Black Mirror season 6, but audiences shouldn't be surprised if at least one story aligns with the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

While Brooker has typically focused on the relationship between people and technology, he’s also infused various narratives with politically-themed concepts. In fact, November 2020 would be the ideal time for a Black Mirror special, at least based on the drama of American politics and the world's reaction to election results. We’ll just have to wait and see what production format Brooker and Netflix settle on for Black Mirror season 6, or anything that comes before.

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