Black Mirror Season 5 Officially Ordered By Netflix

Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Black Mirror San Junipero

The future will be brighter than ever.

— Black Mirror (@blackmirror) March 5, 2018

Netflix may have finally begun the painful process of actually canceling some of its original television shows, but the sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror won’t be among them any time soon. With a new video released today, the streaming service announced that Charlie Brooker’s often bleak glimpse into the future will be back for season 5, though it stopped short of confirming when the new season might become Netflix’s latest binge-watch.

The news comes several months after season 4 dropped, earning generally high marks from critics, particularly for the Star Trek send-up ‘USS Callister,’ which delivered a storyline seemingly tailor made for the #MeToo movement. That episode also continued a recent trend for the series, in which the series as a whole seems more open to experimenting with endings that aren’t ultra-grim affairs, like the Emmy Award-winning ‘San Junipero.’ That didn’t stop season 4 from spreading a little gloom and doom, however, as the Jon Hillcoat directed ‘Crocodile’ and ‘Metalhead,’ from director David Slade, were some of the most somber efforts the series has offered up so far.

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The new teaser works as a quick Greatest Hits compilation, showing many of Black Mirror’s more memorable efforts, while also somehow working to make it all seem as foreboding as possible. That approach is certainly on brand for the series, and one that will likely keep audiences anticipating the show’s return, but those eager to see what unfortunate, techno-nightmare future awaits them probably shouldn’t hold their breath, as it may be a while before the season 5 is ready to binge. But it’s hard to imagine diehard Black Mirror fans will be too upset at the realization they’ll have to wait for more episodes.

Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Black Mirror San Junipero

Brooker and his team have maintained a high level of quality over the past four seasons, while also growing their storytelling ambitions since falling under the Netflix umbrella. That sort of thing takes time, not only to write, but also to assemble the creative talent to put each installment together, and with Hillcoat, Slade, and Jodie Foster behind the camera in season 4, the bar for season 5 has been set fairly high.

So, although it may be a while before Black Mirror season 5 launches a thousand thinkpieces and makes everyone contemplate their relationship with their smartphone, it’s good to know that Brooker’s technophobic series will be back to torment us all in time.

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