Black Mirror Season 5 Has Already Begun Filming

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It looks like the sci-fi nightmares are only just beginning as Charlie Brooker confirms filming for season 5 of Black Mirror is already underway.

Cashing in on the human race's obsession with technology without realizing the dangers it poses, Black Mirror is one of the most clever and bingeable shows around right now. Now, less than two weeks since Black Mirror was renewed for season 5, confirming that it would be back for another batch of tech-terror episodes, the man behind the mirror has let fans know a little more about what's coming next.

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Speaking at the Royal Television Society Awards (via Radio Times), Brooker teased that the wait before season 5 may not be the massive gap that audiences have sometimes come to expect from his show. He said, "Season 5, we are filming one [episode] at the moment. We are about to start filming another one imminently. I'm writing the next one and then it gets a bit more foggy." While fans are hoping for sequels to some of the most popular ideas that Brooker has plucked from his twisted mind, he stopped short of confirming or denying what season 5 will bring to the table in terms of storytelling. However, dubbed a tech-savvy Twilight Zone, the horror is sure to be upped in the wake of Black Mirror's continuing success.

From its humble roots on the UK's Channel 4 with only three episodes per season, Black Mirror got a major boost when it was bought by Netflix in 2015. Since then, the show has scooped an Emmy thanks to fan-favorite episode "San Junipero" and given its cast the A-list treatment to include stars like Bryce Dallas Howard, Jesse Plemons, and Letitia Wright.

With filming nearly underway on two of the (presumed) six new episodes this early in the year, it at least hints that Black Mirror could be streaming on Netflix before 2018 comes to a close. However, given that season was an even bigger hit than its predecessors, got some of the show's best ever reviews, and even sparked talks of a "USS Callister" spinoff, what did anyone really expect? With season 4 linking closer than ever to the Black Mirror of the past, the Mirrorverse is anything but running out of ideas head of season 5.

There may still be no news on who has been cast or who will be handling things on the directorial side of season 5's episodes, but expect the usual cream of the crop as Black Mirror continues its witty take on a dystopian future. The Black Mirror season 5 announcement promised "the future will be brighter than ever" and if the show is coming back sooner than expected, it could be a ray of sunshine on the show's otherwise macabre horizon.

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Black Mirror will return for season 5 on Netflix.

Source: Radio Times

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