Black Mirror Season 5 Episode Posters Highlight Miley Cyrus & Anthony Mackie

Black Mirror Season 5 Logo by Rob Keyes

Netflix has released the key poster art for all three Black Mirror season 5 episodes and stars Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame, Detroit) are front and center. The Black Mirror season 5 trailer debuted just a couple of weeks ago and with it came the confirmation that the season would premiere on Wednesday June 5. The trailer also confirmed that there would only be three episodes in season 5 - half the number of episodes in seasons 3 and 4.

While the news of a three-episode season was disappointing to many Black Mirror fans, Netflix recently released trailers for each season 5 episode alongside episode titles and plot details, which was enough to quash any concerns that the show might be sacrificing quality as well as quantity. Each of the episodes - "Smithereens,” “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too” and “Striking Vipers” - promises just the kind of thought-provoking and entertaining content we’ve come to expect from the award-winning show.

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Now, alongside the intel we already have, the new episode posters reveal a little bit more about what we can expect from Black Mirror season 5. Mackie’s episode “Striking Vipers” - in which he stars alongside Yahya Abdul-Mateen II of Aquaman and Us fame - is about two estranged college friends whose reunion triggers a series of potentially life-changing events. The recently released trailer for “Striking Vipers” focused on Mackie and his other co-star Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, Jacob’s Ladder) and suggested they were a married couple going through some relationship problems. The poster definitely enforces this with Mackie appearing front and centre with Beharie positioned off-center behind him with her wedding ring clearly visible. A pink, digital hue appears over one side of Mackie’s face and given Black Mirror’s focus on technology, we can probably deduce this means that Mackie’s character is indulging in some online activity at odds with marital fidelity.

Black Mirror Season 5 Smithereens Poster REDUCED

Miley Cyrus’s casting in Black Mirror may have come as a surprise considering she’s been more a pop star than an actor in recent years, but she did rise to fame on the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. From what we know of “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too,” however, it seems Cyrus’s episode will be playing on her pop star image, which makes perfect sense. The episode poster features Cyrus in what appears to a doll box with a sticker that reads “Sing along with Ashley!” Looking at the poster in conjunction with the trailer for “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too” it seems the music moguls behind Cyrus’s pop star character are branching out into merchandise that includes Alex-style doll versions of the pop star.

Curiously, the poster for "Smithereens” doesn’t feature any of its stars - which include Sherlock’s Andrew Scott and Snowfall’s Damson Idris - up front and center, but rather a car in an otherwise empty field. It’s nevertheless a striking image and offers a few more clues about the episode’s plot in which a cab driver (Scott) with an agenda picks up a passenger (Idris) before their day quickly spirals out of control. Two things are noticeable about the poster. Firstly, there’s the faint map and GPS route that appears behind the title, which could suggest the type of technology that the episode will focus on. Secondly - and more disturbingly - is the fact the car driver (presumably Scott) is pointing a gun at the passenger (Idris). Looks like Idris and Scott’s characters’ day is about to do a little more than spiral out of control.

We’ll have to wait until Black Mirror premieres on June 5 to find out how it really all rolls out.

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