Black Mirror 'Metalhead' Trailer Warns to Beware of Dogs

Another trailer for the upcoming season of Netflix’s Black Mirror has debuted, and this time they are warning us to beware of dogs in 'Metalhead'. The British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker first captivated audiences in 2011 with its dark, and often horrifying look into the future of technology and society. The series was obtained by Netflix in 2015 airing 12 episodes split into two seasons with season 4 of Black Mirror predicted to air sometime before the year of the year – which is only a few weeks away.

During the past few days, Netflix has been releasing some gripping teaser trailers for the upcoming fourth season of the series. Now, the streaming service has debuted another new teaser trailer for an episode in season 4.

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In a new teaser released by Netflix [above], we now have a first look at Black Mirror’s first-ever black and white episode, titled ‘Metalhead’. We don’t learn much from the trailer, but we see a character played by Maxine Peake making a call for help. We also hear a character say, "We found a dog at the warehouse," after getting a glimpse into a large warehouse, and we hear Peake’s character say, "lost it for now", but "it's still operational." In the final moments of the teaser we see Peake’s character being run off the road by another car while saying, "If I don't make it back, I've always loved you all."

The previously released teasers each center on a specific episode, with the first few being for ‘Crocodile’, ‘Arkangel’, ‘Hang the DJ’ and the feature-length ‘Black Museum’. While each teaser revealed some information about the basic concept of each episode, we still have no idea when the new episodes will be available to stream. So far, we know that ‘Crocodile’ will center around a future where memories are no longer private and can be dredged for information, ‘Arkangel’ is directed by actress Jodie Foster and focuses on the concept of “helicopter” parenting, ‘Hang the DJ’ will be about online dating and ‘Black Museum’ is being teased as an anthology within an anthology about a museum of criminal artifacts.

'Metalhead' was directed by David Slade, known for his work on Breaking Bad and American Gods, and written by series creator Charlie Brooker. The episode also stars The Missing's Jake Davies and Hope Springs star Clint Dyer alongside Peake, who is best known for starring in the British version of Shameless and the BBC legal drama Silk. While we don't know any information about the plot of 'Metalhead', we do know that fans are excited to see Black Mirror tackle a different cinematic style with filming the episode in black and white.

Fans should also have one more trailer for the Star Trek inspired episode 'USS Callister' heading their way to whet their appetite before the new season arrives.

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