Black Mirror Season 3 Will Be A Netflix Original Series

Rumors have been swirling that Netflix is going to produce new episodes of Black Mirror, the Twilight Zone-esque cult-hit British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. However, until now, any such plans for Black Mirror to become a Netflix original series - joining TV shows like Arrested Development and Longmire as programs that have been acquired by Netflix - were not official.

As it turns out, they were indeed discussions going on - and now, Netflix has picked up Black Mirror for at least one additional season. The show's third season will also include more episodes than was previously expected.

According to Variety, Netflix has placed a 12 episode order for Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker is already hard at work on the scripts (signaling that this deal has been internally in place for some time). Here is the statement on the news from Brooker:

It’s all very exciting — a whole new bunch of Black Mirror episodes on the most fitting platform imaginable. Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that Black Mirror feel. I just hope none of these new story ideas come true.

Black Mirror season 3 picked up by Netflix

The most intriguing part of Brooker’s statement is that his show will become “more international." The original run of Black Mirror episodes have a distinct British tone and flavor because, of course, it was designed for British audiences. However, with Netflix now part of the equation, it's plausible that Black Mirror season 3 will go beyond the borders of the U.K.; perhaps we'll see a U.S. episode, or one that unfolds in a place like France and/or Australia. Basically, if your territory has a Netflix option, you might just be game for a Black Mirror story about your community.

This particular Netflix pick-up is arguably a deviation from the company’s norm. Up until now, when it came to continuations, Netflix has been about resurrection; from Arrested Development to The Killing and Longmire, most of the shows picked up by Netflix had previously been cancelled. However, this wasn’t the case for Black Mirror; it hadn't been cancelled, but was simply on the typical British system hiatus. However, in that hiatus, Netflix let the free-market reign supreme and chose to invest in a show that wasn't actively seeking new funding. That's a bold move.

Stay tuned for more information on Black Mirror season 3 as it becomes available.

Source: Variety

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