Black Mirror Is Becoming a Book Series

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One of the only shows keeping the old style of anthology storytelling alive is British import Black Mirror, and now, that show is set to becoming a book series. Prior to the turn of the century, the anthology TV series format -- a new story every week, with new characters in a new setting -- was a TV mainstay, tracing back to classics like The Twilight Zone and continuing through later efforts like Tales from the Crypt. While anthology TV still technically exists, it's mostly in the form of shows like American Horror Story, which tell a new story with new characters over the course of each new season.

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror tells sci-fi stories with a dark and satirical edge, usually focusing on the unanticipated consequences of modern society's obsession with the latest and greatest technological advances. The series began on the UK's Channel 4, before getting picked up by Netflix for seasons 3 and 4, after the original batch of episodes proved to be a big hit among the service's streaming subscribers.

In a bit of an odd development for a show focusing so much on advanced technology, Black Mirror is set to be adapted into a series of books. As creator Brooker jokingly tweeted concerning the move:

We're pleased to announce Black Mirror will soon be available in high-tech 'paper' format: #BlackMirrorBook

— Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) June 13, 2017

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According to The Wrap, the first volume in the Black Mirror book series will hit shelves on February 20, 2018, and be a collection of short stories from different notable authors. Future volumes will presumably follow the same format. Brooker himself is set to serve as editor of the books, one assumes to help make sure that each story feels like a proper entry into the established Black Mirror universe.

Exactly which authors will contribute stories to the first Black Mirror book remains unannounced at present, but one imagines that the participation of Brooker and the generally sterling reputation of the Black Mirror brand name will enable publisher Penguin Random House to attract a worthy line-up of sci-fi masters to the project. For those who can't wait until 2018 for their next Black Mirror fix, season 4 is likely to arrive on Netflix before the end of 2017, although the streaming giant has yet to announce an official premiere date.

Black Mirror season 4 is likely to arrive on Netflix before the end of 2017.

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