Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Trailer Confirms Release Of Netflix's Event Film

Netflix releases the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch trailer, teasing another trippy experience from the sci-fi anthology show - this time in movie format.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Trailer

Netflix releases the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch trailer, confirming the release date of the Black Mirror standalone movie. Black Mirror has a way of shocking viewers with its narrative twists, and there’s been rampant speculation this past week about a possible “choose your own adventure” standalone episode.

In 2011, Black Mirror first premiered on the British public service station Channel 4. Charlie Brooker’s science fiction anthology series examines technology, morals and societal trends, with the main characters typically being forced to address unfortunate truths while making life-changing decisions. After season 2, Netflix purchased Black Mirror and premiered season 3 in October 2016, featuring the episode “San Junipero” - which later won two Primetime Emmy Awards. Last December, Black Mirror season 4 arrived on Netflix, and fans have since been eagerly awaiting a 2018 holiday special called “Bandersnatch,” especially given the cryptic details surrounding the project. Yesterday, plot details and cast info surfaced online, thus creating even more hype and speculation.

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Today, Netflix released Bandersnatch’s teaser, along with a synopsis: “In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game and soon faces a mind-mangling challenge. Welcome back.” Watch the trailer below.

In the clip, Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) portrays the central character who experiences vivid dreams and thinks about “weird things.” Soon, he’s immersed into a video game “hit factory,” with his primary work being devoted to an adaption of the book Bandersnatch. Given the character’s need for a high-concept creative approach, he’s offered two pills but decides to flush them down the toilet. Cue the the 80s classic “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which sets the tone for the trailer's trippy second half as Whitehead’s character seemingly descends into madness, with the graphic “Change Your Life” teasing another “Black Mirror Event” about fate and existentialism. 

Last March, Netflix officially ordered Black Mirror season 5, and Miley Cyrus was recently announced as an official cast member. The Bandersnatch hype has elevated recently, as Netflix seems to be adopting the same approach they took with The Cloverfield Paradox earlier this year. On Super Bowl Sunday, Netflix suddenly released the latest franchise installment, thus allowing for a unique streaming experience while inciting a social media fury. Though Black Mirror fans are indeed expecting an impending Bandersnatch release, it’s still unclear if it’s an episode or a feature-length movie - though it is classified as a Netflix Film on the streaming service's site.

Based on previous Black Mirror releases, Bandersnatch will surely be distinctly unique, and it will be fascinating to see how Brooker and company execute their narrative vision.

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will premiere on December 28.

Source: Netflix

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