• Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: Guide To Get The Secret Ending
    Black Mirror Bandersnatch Hidden Ending

    It's no secret that Black Mirror's choose-your-own-adventure installment was an overwhelming success, with widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. So great was its success, that Netflix has decided to take on more projects of this nature, posting job openings looking for game designers to create more interactive content.

    Part of this feature's success was the fact that viewers were afforded so many choices throughout the story. Story arcs were numerous and diverse, and the ending to the story was heavily dependent on the choices that the user makes, however, there is one secret ending that seems nearly impossible to access. Let's take a look at the choices that you need to make throughout the game in order to unlock this particular scene.

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    Select The Sugar Puffs, The Thompson Twins Cassette, Hit Accept, Then Reject
    Bandersnatch Cereal Choice

    When Dad provides two kinds of cereal to choose from for breakfast, pick the Sugar Puffs, not the Frosties.  Interestingly enough, this is where most viewers already go wrong, as the stats for Bandersnatch show that more than 60 percent of Netflix viewers choose Frosties.

    In what seems like yet another menial selection, Stefan must choose between listening to the Thompson Twins or Now That's What I Call Music 2 while riding the bus. Once again, this choice is more important than it seems, as it is imperative to choose the Thompson Twins in order to keep the secret ending in play.

    At this stage, Stefan arrives at Tuckersoft, the gaming company that wants to hire him to create the Bandersnatch game. Here he meets Colin, a game designer at Tuckersoft whom he deeply admires, and Tucker, CEO of the company.

    Tucker offers Stefan the choice to make Bandersnatch in the offices of Tuckersoft alongside a team of designers. Stefan must accept this offer. This choice results in Bandersnatch tanking and a game reviewer giving it zero out of five stars, and the viewer must select reject when taken back to this crossroad a second time.

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    Select Yes In The Therapist's Office, Choose The Bermuda Triangle, Shout At Dad, And Visit Dr Haynes

    When Stefan is given the option to speak about his mother, choose yes. This will reveal his traumatic childhood story and once the flashback is playing, the younger Stefan will refuse to go with his mother.

    When visiting the record store, pick The Bermuda Triangle as opposed to Phaedra. The selected vinyl will play in a montage of Stefan's game design. When Dad walks in and asks Stefan about lunch, Stefan immediately gets angry. Here, shout at Dad rather than throw tea over the computer.

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    Upon hearing Stefan's reaction, Dad drives him back to the therapist. As Stefan stands outside the entrance, he spots Colin walking across the street. Choose to enter the therapist's office, instead of going after him.

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  • 9 / 11
    Pull Earlobe, Take The Pills, Follow Colin, Pick Yes, Choose Stefan

    Out of stress, Stefan must choose between pulling his earlobe and biting his nails. Pick the earlobe. When you have to choose between taking the pills and disposing of them, take them.

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    The last option will take viewers back to the choice between following Colin and going to the therapist. This time, pick Colin. When Colin offers Stefan some drugs, select yes. He will then proceed to hear Colin's bizarre theories on life. Colin then suggests that one of them jumps off the balcony to prove his theory. Stefan must jump, and this will reset to when Stefan must choose what to do with the pills.

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  • 8 / 11
    Hit The Desk, Pick Up Book, PAC, Throw Tea Over Computer

    Once again, Stefan's temper builds when developing the game. Choose to hit the desk out of frustration. Upon deciding to get some sleep, Stefan must choose between taking a book and a family photo with him to bed. Take the book.

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    Stefan will then attempt to access Dad's safe and input a password. Select PAC. After unearthing a disturbing conspiracy, users will go back to the scene where Stefan loses his temper. This time, throw tea over the computer.

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  • 7 / 11
    P.A.C.S., Dial 20541, Choose Netflix, Try To Explain To Stefan And Then Decide To Tell Him More

    Once again attempting to access the safe, input P.A.C.S. as the password. Losing touch with reality, Stefan shockingly kills his dad. At this point, Stefan must dial the number to Dr. Haynes' office correctly and threaten to kill her in the same way he killed his dad.

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    Stefan then lands himself in jail and users must decide whether or not to continue the story. Here, you must continue and face a scene where Stefan seems to think that someone is controlling him. He then calls out, "Who's There", to which the viewer must respond with "Netflix".

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  • 6 / 11
    F**k Yeah, Kick Him In The Balls, Who's There?, Back Off, Then Kill Dad

    When telling Dr. Haynes about Netflix, she asks if he would like more action if he was a Netflix viewer watching this scene. Respond in the affirmative. Stefan then has the option to fight his therapist or jump out the window. Ensure that he throws coffee in her face and fights her. At this point, Dad appears in the fight. Choose to kick him in the balls rather than karate chopping him.

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    Viewers are then taken back to when the point where Stefan asks, "Who's There". Choose to display the White Bear Symbol on the computer monitor at this point. Once again, Stefan loses control and must contemplate killing dad. Follow the sequence above.

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  • 5 / 11
    Bury The Body, Respond With "Yes", He Jumped, Chop Up The Body This Time

    Stefan must now decide between burying his dad's body and chopping it up. Choose to bury it. As Tucker calls to ask if the game will be ready by the end of the day, respond with yes.

    Kitty will then ask where Colin is. Tell her that Colin jumped off the balcony. Kitty then claims that this never happened, and the dog subsequently digs up Stefan's dad's body later that night. Once again, the jail ending is reached.

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  • 4 / 11
    Destroy Computer, Get The Toy Rabbit From Dad, Repeat The Previous Process

    Again, Stefan is frustrated during the process of game development. Destroy the computer, as opposed to throwing tea over it.

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    Then repeat the process of picking up the family photo at bedtime, showing Stefan the White Bear symbol, chopping up Dad's body and destroy the computer yet again.

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  • 3 / 11
    PAX, Display White Bear Symbol, Repeat The Process With Dad

    Repeat the process of typing in PAX as the password to Dad's safe, displaying the White Bear on Stephan's computer screen.

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    This time when trying to access Dad's safe, use the password "PAX". From there, the process with Dad will repeat itself, where you will have to chop up his body, destroy the computer and get the toy rabbit.

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  • 2 / 11
    Input TOY As Password And Say Yes In The Flashback Sequence

    Once again, Stefan is faced with choosing a password for accessing Dad's safe. This time, pick TOY. In a flashback, Stefan's mom asks if he will accompany her on the train. Young Stefan must say yes

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    Enjoy The Secret Ending

    This ending contains some surprising Easter eggs, including a QR Code leading to the Tuckersoft website if a ZX Spectrum Emulator is used to scan the scene's audio. In addition, a downloadable game is available on the "Nohzdyve" page of the Tuckersoft website.

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