Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Movie Plot & Cast Details Surface

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New details about Black Mirror: Bandersnatch have been revealed, providing insight into the plot and cast of the upcoming movie. The sci-fi anthology series created by Charlie Brooker gives viewers a rather bleak look at the future thanks to the consequences of technology. Black Mirror is among the list of Netflix originals still going strong. Not only can fans expect another season, but they can anticipate a movie before the year is out.

While it has been confirmed that the show will get a season 5, it's been less clear just what the details are regarding the show's future. Back in November, it was accidentally revealed that Bandersnatch would be coming to Netflix on December 28. The posting was later pulled but the movie now has an official listing for 2018. Because it is titled "A Netflix Film," it is likely to be a standalone and a not part of the upcoming season. The streaming giant has made it clear that it has an interest in making more interactive content. A persistent rumor alleges that Black Mirror is among the programs slated for an interactive component, potentially a Choose Your Own Adventure-styled episode. While an interactive episode is expected for season 5, it could very well be used in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch as well.

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Just a few days before Bandersnatch is set to release, new information about the cast has been released. According to Comic Book, Bandersnatch will star Fionn Whitehead, who starred in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. The film is directed by David Slade, who also directed the Black Mirror episode 'Metalhead'. He has also worked on American Gods and Hannibal.

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The cast reveals wasn't the only big news. Comic Book unveiled the plot as well. The movie will follow a programmer who makes a fantasy novel into a video game. But in typical Black Mirror fashion, things go awry and "soon, reality and virtual worlds are mixed and start to create confusion." Curiously, the title Bandersnatch was once planned to be used for a video game for UK Studios Imagine Software back in the 1980s but was never released.

When it comes to Black Mirror, viewers can never be quite sure just what they're signing up for with each new installment other than science gone wrong. But considering the star power already listed as part of the project, it sounds like Netflix is doing what it can to ensure the movie is a worthy companion to the show. Whether Bandersnatch is interactive or not, it will likely be another enjoyable viewing experience for Black Mirror fans, one we'll likely be hearing more about come the end of December.

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Source: Comic Book

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