Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Choices Guide - Best Decisions & All Outcomes Explained

The Murder Endings

There are a number of possible endings in Bandersnatch that result in Stefan killing his father, and potentially another person as well. If you have discovered the P.A.C.S. documents in the safe and selected P.A.C.S. when Stefan asks you for a sign, Stefan will confront his dad about the experiment and accuse him of controlling and manipulating him. Choosing Glyph will cause Stefan to believe he is being controlled by someone else. Either way, there will be the confrontation in the kitchen and you will either be given the Kill Dad option, or Stefan will kill his dad automatically.

From here, the endings can vary considerably depending on your previous choices. If you have taken the P.A.C.S. route Stefan can decide to call Dr. Haynes, and you must enter the telephone number based on the clues gathered: 2-0-5-4-1. Stefan will reach Dr. Haynes' receptionist, who tells him that the doctor is away at her sister's wedding. Stefan rants about P.A.C.S., confesses to his father's murder, and threatens to come after Dr. Haynes next. He buries his father's body, is arrested for the murder, and goes to jail. In his cell, he watches the video game TV show, where Bandersnatch is being reviewed. The critic gives it 2.5 stars as a curiosity item, detailing the game creator's grisly murder of his father, but explaining that the game was released unfinished with broken code. Bandersnatch ends with Stefan scratching the glyph into the wall of his cell.

You may be given a choice to either Bury body or Chop up body. If you choose Bury body, the outcome varies depending on your earlier choices. If Colin did not jump from his balcony earlier, Thakur will call up and demand to know why the game has not been delivered yet. He will ask if Stefan can deliver it today and you can reply either Yes or No. If you choose Yes, Colin will come to the house to help complete the game. Stefan can choose to either Kill him - with Colin accepting his death and even suggesting a better murder weapon - or Let him go. No matter what you choose, Stefan will go to jail and end up scrawling the game on the walls of his cell in his own blood. The game will receive five stars from the critic, and you will get the Pearl Ending during the credits.

If you say No when Thakur asks you if the game will be ready on time, he will be furious and come over to Stefan's house. He barges his way inside and sees the body on the floor. Stefan kills Thakur and goes to jail, Bandersnatch is never released, and a TV news piece plays explaining the double murder. In the news piece, Colin is interviewed and says that if Stefan had a second chance at life, he should go back and make different choices - at which point you're given the option to do so.

If Colin jumped from the balcony, Stefan can be interrupted by Kitty when burying the body. She shows up at his house asking if he knows where Colin is, and you can choose between either No idea or He jumped. Whichever you choose, dogs will find Stefan's dad's body and he will go to jail, with Bandersnatch released unfinished.

The easiest way to get a five-star review for Bandersnatch is to Kill Dad and then Chop up body. Chopping up the body will allow the murder to go undetected for a while, with Stefan finally able to focus on completing his game (with his father's decapitated head in his room). Bandersnatch is released and receives a five-star rave review from the critic. However, the murder is soon discovered, the game is pulled from shelves, and during the credits you will get the Pearl Ending.

Credits Scene: Pearl Ending

If Bandersnatch is released, gets a five-star review, and then gets pulled from shelves, you will get the Pearl Ending during the end credits. This ending jumps to the modern day, where Colin's daughter, Pearl Ritman, is now a game designer herself and is painstakingly remaking Bandersnatch. However, she encounters a bug in the game and the player is given a choice to either Throw tea on computer or Destroy computer.

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