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Black Mirror Bandersnatch Stefan

Communicating With Stefan

After the dream, Stefan returns to working on the game. As it continues to experience bugs, you are given a choice to either Throw tea on computer or Destroy computer. Whichever one you choose, Stefan will refuse to do it, and will start yelling that he knows someone is there, demanding that you give him some kind of sign.

If you haven't yet experienced the dream where you unlock the safe and discover the P.A.C.S. documents, you will be given two options: Netflix, or Glyph. If you have discovered the documents, you will be given the options of P.A.C.S. or Glyph.

If you choose Netflix, you will tell Stefan via a message on his screen, "I am watching you on Netflix. I make decisions for you." He will ask what Netflix is, and you can elaborate, explaining that it's "a streaming entertainment platform from the early 21st century," and "it's like TV, but online. I control it." At this point Stefan's dad comes in and asks who he's talking to, and Stefan replies that he's being controlled by someone from the future - which earns him a trip to the psychiatrist's office and opens up the Netflix Endings.

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The Netflix Endings

If you choose to tell Stefan that you are watching and controlling him via Netflix, there are two possible endings. Stefan goes to see Dr. Haynes and explains that he is being controlled by someone from the 21st century through a streaming entertainment platform called Netflix. In an effort to probe this "delusion," Dr. Haynes will ask why - if this if supposed to be entertainment - it's so boring, simply showing two ordinary people sitting in a room and talking. She will suggest that there should be a little more action, and you are given a choice between Yes and F**k Yeah. Whichever you choose, Stefan will throw tea in Dr. Haynes' face and begin destroying the office. Dr. Haynes will get out twin batons and invite Stefan to fight her, at which point you are given the option to either Leap through the window or Fight her.

If you choose Leap through the window you will get the Sound Stage Ending. The window will not open, someone will yell, "Cut!" and it is revealed that the entire scene is playing out on a set, with Stefan's dad as the director. The assistant director tells Stefan (referring to him as "Mike") that he has gone off-script and that the window doesn't even open. Stefan is confused by the situation, and insists that his name is Stefan - at which point the assistant director looks concerned and calls for a medic.

If you choose Fight her you will get the Fight Ending. An epic fight plays out between Stefan and Dr. Haynes. Stefan's dad rushes in and starts fighting him as well, and you are given the option to either Karate chop dad or Kick him in the balls. Whichever you choose, Stefan's dad will ultimately drag him out of the office with Stefan yelling crazily all the way, at which point the story ends and you are given the option to go back to Stefan asking "Who's there?" and choose a different sign to give him.

The Train Ending

If you choose to respond to Stefan with Glyph, the glyph signifying branching paths will appear on his computer screen. Stefan's dad walks in and asks who he's talking to, and Stefan replies that he's being controlled. A confrontation with his father occurs in which Stefan spots an ash tray and you are given the choice to either Kill Dad (leading to one of the Murder Endings) or Back off. If you choose to Back off, you will be given another set of choices: Get rabbit from Dad or Kill Dad. If you choose to Get rabbit from Dad, you will go to the safe dream and have the option of entering TOY or PAC as the code.

If you choose TOY, Stefan finds his toy rabbit in the safe and retrieves it. His father walks into the room and tells him to take the rabbit and put it back where it belongs. Adult Stefan puts the toy rabbit under the bed, and young Stefan is able to find it in the morning. His mother has still missed the earlier train, but this time when she asks if Stefan is coming you are given a choice between Yes and No. Choosing Yes will take you to the Train Ending.

Young Stefan gets on the train with his mother and we see them sitting together, surrounded by other families. The camera closes in on Stefan and the scene then ends abruptly. In 1984, Stefan is in Dr. Haynes' office and a paramedic is checking his pulse. The paramedic says that Stefan is dead. Dr. Haynes is extremely shocked and upset, unable to understand exactly what happened.

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