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Black Mirror Bandersnatch Dreams

The Two Dreams

At Bandersnatch's midway point, Stefan begins to become aware that his choices are being controlled by someone else, and starts to fight back. In Dr. Haynes' office, the player is given the option to make Stefan either Bite nails or Pull earlobe. Regardless of which one you choose, Stefan will resist the order, physically restraining himself.

At home, Stefan prepares to take his usual dose of pills. At this point, you may be given a choice to either Throw pills away or Take them (depending on your choices so far, the second option may be Flush them). If you Take them, you will reach another fail state. The narrative jumps forward four months in time, to after Bandersnatch has been released. The critic on the video game TV show gives it a paltry two and a half stars, commenting that it feels like the creator simply gave up halfway through and went on "auto-pilot." You are then forced to go back and make different choices. If you refused to talk about what happened to your mother to Dr. Haynes earlier, one of your options is to go back to that point and experience the flashback this time. Otherwise, you are taken back to the pill choice.

If you choose to Throw pills away or Flush them, Stefan will continue to work on the game. On the date that the game is due, he takes it into TuckerSoft. Due to an additional path that he added at the last minute, the game is broken, and an angry Thakur gives him the weekend to finish it. If you chose to visit Dr. Haynes instead of following Colin earlier, Colin will be present, and he will personally give Stefan a documentary on Jerome F. Davies to help inspire him. If Colin jumped, he will be missing, and a junior employee will give Stefan the documentary tape instead, saying that Colin left it for him.

Back home, Bandersnatch continues to experience game-breaking bugs. You are given the choice to either Destroy computer or Hit desk. If you choose to Destroy computer, you will be forced to go back and make a different choice. Once you choose to Hit desk, Stefan will look shocked by the fact that his hand moved without his conscious will. Getting up from the computer, he will look around the room and you will have a choice to either Pick up family photo or Pick up book. This will decide which of two dreams Stefan has after lying down on the bed with the chosen item.

If you Pick up family photo, Stefan will have a dream in which he crawls through a mirror and emerges on the other side as a child, the night before his mother died. This time, he will be awake when his father comes into his room to take away his toy rabbit, and he will hear his father going next door and locking the rabbit in the safe. It's necessary to experience this dream if you want to get to the Train Ending.

If you Pick up book, Stefan will have a dream in which he goes into his father's room and finds a safe. In this dream you will be offered a number of different safe codes that vary depending on what choices you have made so far and whether or not the story has already been reset. Entering PAX will not unlock the safe, and will cause Bandersnatch's monster to appear behind Stefan, scaring him and waking him up. Entering JFD will not unlock the safe either, but will lead to Jerome F. Davies appearing behind Stefan, scaring him and waking him up. Entering TOY will unlock the safe and allow Stefan to retrieve his toy rabbit and return it to where it belongs, thereby opening the path to the Train Ending. Entering PAC will unlock the safe, and it will contain reams of research material that reveal Stefan has actually been the subject of an experiment called the Program and Control Study. His father and Dr. Haynes have been drugging him and watching him closely, and his memories of his mother's death were faked.

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